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Recruiting News Roundup

Friday newsround – grab a cup of coffee and get your read on – as we take a look back through some of the important and shareable Recruiting news that came across our newsfeeds this week:

‘We have not been impressed so far’: do obnoxious job ads ever work? (Read @ The Guardian)
Pity the London theatre struggling to recruit an office administrator in exchange for a full-time salary of as little as £15,000. Sadly, it’s not clear if anyone might still seize the opportunity to earn below the London living wage, after an unusually worded job ad, posted by the Tea House theatre in south London, disappeared from the internet.

As Cities Raise Minimum Wages, Many States Are Rolling Them Back (Read @ NPR)
After dozens of city and county governments voted to raise their local minimum wage ordinances in the last several years, states have been responding by passing laws requiring cities to abide by statewide minimums. So far, 27 states have passed such laws.

Welcome to the Age of Open Talent (Read @ SHRM Blog)
HR professionals today have to face a hard reality: your hard-won employees, at any moment, could walk. According to our research at LinkedIn, 90% of professionals are interested in hearing about new job opportunities. This means that today everyone is a candidate, regardless of whether they’re actively looking for a new job.

Retirement is out, new portfolio careers are in (Read @ The Economist)
IN THE SHADOW of towering apartment blocks in Nowon-gu, a suburb of Seoul, employees of CJ Logistics, a large South Korean delivery company, gather at the local welfare centre. A truck pulls up and the group, mostly men in their 70s, leap to their feet to unload parcels. “It’s far better than staying at home,” says Eun Ho Lee, a chirpy 77-year-old who in his younger days ran a bedlinen business.

ATS Questions: How Long Does It Take to Implement a New ATS? (iRecruit Blog)
A simple set up is usually done very quickly, and you can be up and running within days. We can actually get your new account live in less than one day, but configuration and customization to make it ready to use may take a little bit longer.

It’s never been harder to fill a job in America (Read @ Yahoo Finance)
It has never been harder to fill an open job in the United States. According to a chart from Deutsche Bank economist Torsten Sløk, it now takes 31 days to fill an open job in America, up from 23 days in 2006 and about 15 days in 2009.

Want to attract and retain 20-something employees? Don’t treat them like millennials (Read @ CNBC)
What comes to mind when you think about attracting and retaining millennials in the workplace? If it’s the need to offer all sorts of stereotypically special perks, from in-office massage, nap rooms, a health food allowance, meditation sabbaticals and everything in between, you’re not alone.


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