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Recruiting News Roundup

Friday newsround – grab a cup of coffee and get your read on – as we take a look back through some of the important and shareable Recruiting news that came across our newsfeeds this week:

Economy Needs Workers, but Drug Tests Take a Toll (Read @ NY Times)
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Just a few miles from where President Trump will address his blue-collar base here Tuesday night, exactly the kind of middle-class factory jobs he has vowed to bring back from overseas are going begging.

Want Top Talent? Give Employees the Flexibility They Seek (Read @ Business News Daily)
If you aren’t giving your staff some flexibility in when and where they work, you likely are going to have a tough time attracting top job candidates moving forward, new research finds.

Everything You Want to Know About Job Rejections (Read @ US News)
Ever wonder what went on behind the scenes when you receive a job rejection? Or whether a human even looked at your resume before you got rejected? Or why employers sometimes send cringe-worthy rejection emails? Here are answers to these and more questions about job rejections.

GenX Is Going To Save Recruiting! (Read @ Fist Full of Talent)
I know, I know, I’ve seen the 3,256 infographics on why Millenials are the second coming of Christ, but let’s slow this party down a bit. The Baby Boomers are now steady on their way out of the workforce, the gray wave is finally crashing down on the shores of south Florida and retirement villages are booming!

Wisconsin Company Offers To Implant Chips In Its Employees (Read @ NPR)
A Wisconsin company is offering to implant tiny radio-frequency chips in its employees – and it says they are lining up for the technology.

These 56 Words Can Keep Job Reqs From Getting Stuck in the Slow Lane (Read @ ERE)
Slow drivers are frustrating. Especially when they hang out in the left-hand passing lane. They backup traffic and create unnecessary delays. This same issue is happening in organizations. Hiring managers are taking their foot off the gas of the selection process. Talent acquisition professionals end up getting stuck behind them, unable to move things forward efficiently.

Job Ads: You Catch More Flies with Honey than You Do with Vinegar (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
Attracting talent is a huge undertaking, and if your job ads aren’t worded properly, you could be missing out on great candidates. But when you post a condescending job ad geared toward Millennials, basically blaming them for being lazy, you’re probably going to attract a lot of criticism, not talent.

Although the job market is way better than it was just a few years ago, it’s still no picnic trying to find a job that is a match for both your skills and the culture you want in a career. After all, it’s about more than just filling a ROLE for you, you want to find a place where you can grow, plant your flag and build the base for your future endeavors.

Amazon Announces 50k New Jobs and Nation’s Largest Job Fair (Read @ Glassdoor)
Want to work for the largest internet retailer in the world? You’re in luck — Amazon announced on Wednesday that they’re looking to bring in 50,000 new employees, primarily in their fulfillment network. With the back-to-school season and holiday shopping just around the corner, the Seattle-based tech giant is looking to fill these open roles ASAP.

WOTC Questions: How Long Must an Employee Work To Claim Tax Credit? (Read @ WOTC Blog)
A qualified employee must work a minimum of 120 hours, or a maximum of 400 hours, in order for you to claim the work opportunity tax credit. At 120 hours, you are eligible to claim 25% of the first $6,000 in wages, or $1,500. At 400 b hours you can claim 40% of the first $6,000 in wages or $2,400.

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