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Streamlining Employment Application Forms

Most new customers come to iRecruit with a formal employment application. It’s a typical PDF or a Word document, and is usually about 4-6 pages in length. This gets added as the employment application, and it can be a very long form for an online application. When it comes to making changes to this employment application form, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Do a test of the application yourself, and see how long it takes you to complete.
  2. Take a close look at all of your required questions. Are they still required? Can they be eliminated?
  3. Look at the sections on the application: Education, Work History, Licenses, References etc. Can they be shortened? Example, can Work History be shortened to 2 prior employers versus 3-6? Can references be shortened to 2, or removed until a later stage?
  4. Look at the legislative changes and new laws in your state? Questions like criminal history, or salary history may be affected.
  5. Create a report to look at the applicant data submitted to see what typically gets skipped on your applications.

If you have any questions about updating or editing your employment application form, please contact us, or call 1-800-517-9099.

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