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Salary History Bans on Employment Applications 2019

Connecticut and Hawaii join the lists of states that have banned the “salary history” questions on employment applications effective January 1, 2019. Running List of States (and localities) that have banned Salary History from Employment Applications: California (State-Wide), Effective 01/01/2018. Connecticut (State-Wide), Effective 01/01/2019. Delaware  (State-Wide), Effective 12/14/2017. Hawaii (State-Wide), Effective 01/01/2019. Massachusetts (State-Wide), Effective 07/01/2018. Michigan (State-Wide), Read more about Salary History Bans on Employment Applications 2019[…]

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Streamlining Employment Application Forms

Most new customers come to iRecruit with a formal employment application. It’s a typical PDF or a Word document, and is usually about 4-6 pages in length. This gets added as the employment application, and it can be a very long form for an online application. When it comes to making changes to this employment Read more about Streamlining Employment Application Forms[…]

Knock Out Questions on Employment Application

Using Knock Out Questions on an Employment Application

iRecruit gives you many ways to customize an application for employment, from selecting and editing questions as you build your application. It can be configured to meet your needs. As applicants and candidates flow in, you may find that not all of the applicants meet the needs and requirements specified for a role. iRecruit’s Prescreening, Read more about Using Knock Out Questions on an Employment Application[…]

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7 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters

With 2016 upon us, and heady with new year’s resolutions (running every day, anyone?) that I want to stick to, I thought I would put together a few resolutions just for recruiters. Whether you are an iRecruit customer or not, hopefully you’ll find this list helpful. 1. Edit Your Long-Form Employment Application 2016 applicants have Read more about 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters[…]