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Recruiting News Roundup

Happy Friday it’s newsround time yet again, to take a look at the important and shareable Recruiting news that came across our newsfeeds this week:

iRecruit Electronic Onboarding 10 Tips & Best Practices

New CPA Academy Webinar: How Employers Can Maximize Hiring Investment
CMS is hosting a new Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) webinar with CPA Academy on November 8th at 1:00pm EST. This webinar is designed for CPA firms and independent contractors who would like to learn more about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). The class is free, and CPE Credits are available!

4 Ways That Background Screenings Mitigates Turnover (Read @ Verified First)
Every company understands that employee turnover is a cost of doing business. However, many companies don’t fully understand how effective background screening can help mitigate these costs. An effective screening program reveals information that helps your company avoid a lot of future problems, such as absenteeism, bad performance, workplace violence, fraudulent workers compensation claims, and more.

Employers Asked To Join Courts In Giving Recovering Addicts Second Chance (Read @ Eagle County Online)
Alec Schiering is a recovering drug addict. Schiering had used alcohol and marijuana recreationally in high school and college. In 2012, he got hooked on opioids after suffering an injury as a volunteer firefighter. A doctor had prescribed him Percocet. He progressed to heroin. “It feels the same. I’ve done both. Opioids hijacked my brain,” Schiering recounted in a video for an audience of Dearborn County business owners Thursday.

4 Ways Data Can Improve the Candidate Journey (Read @ Glassdoor)
Data has the opportunity to either prove our assumptions, or show us where our assumptions are off. Either way, a good look at some of the statistics shared by Chamberlain in his talk at Recruit shed some light on common issues facing talent acquisition and human resources today. Here’s a summary with links to the research.

WOTC Questions: Can family members qualify employers for the WOTC tax credit?
At CMS, as Work Opportunity Tax Credit “WOTC” subject matter experts and service providers since 1997, we receive a lot of questions via our website and through the webcasts we attend. This week’s WOTC Question comes from the chat box on our website: Can family members qualify employers for the WOTC tax credit?

Why Online Reputation Management for Recruiters Is Important (Read @ ERE)
Recruiters are some of the most externally facing people at the company. With that, their online reputation can make or break their ability to do their job well and can come with some major personal risks as well. Online reputation management for recruiters is a topic often overlooked and undervalued. Sharing photos, special moments, statuses, and more can open the door to a host of risks.


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