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Recruiting News Roundup

TGIF It’s newsround time, let’s take a look at the important and shareable Recruiting news that came across our newsfeeds this week:

How to Recruit for Difficult to Fill Positions (iRecruit Blog)
As an employer, sometimes a position or role comes along that is especially difficult to find good quality candidates for. The issue may be that the job itself is difficult, or the combination of skills needed to fill the job are so unique that it presents a challenge.

12 Questions to Ask Job Candidates’ References (Read @ ERE)
Once you have a reference on the phone, thank them for connecting with you. Tell them you need just 15 minutes and that everything will be held in confidence — you’re not going to share their feedback with the candidate (and honor this, of course). Tell them you’re looking for themes and patterns. You can say, “I’ve almost made my decision. This phone call is a good way for me to confirm my decision and learn the best ways to get the most out of him.” That disarms the interaction and allows for a more candid reference.

Best Practice: How To Write A Powerful Job Posting (Read @ CareerBuilder)
A job posting can make or break a job seeker’s view of your company, so you’ve got to make sure you get it right the first time, every time. There are numerous features that go into the creation of a winning job posting. So before you hastily dash off that next one, read up on how to make your job postings stand out from the competition.

Most hiring managers will not even consider employing an overweight woman (Read @ NY Post)
Overweight women suffer major discrimination in the workplace. Jobs site Fairygodboss recently carried out a survey of 500 hiring professionals, who were shown a picture of an overweight woman and asked if they’d consider employing her. Only 15.6 percent of them said that they would.

WOTC Questions: How Many People Can I Hire? (WOTC Blog)
CMS says, this is another fairly common question that we heard from on our webinars this year. The answer is actually very simple: There is no limit. There’s no limit to how many people you hire, and if someone is qualified and receives certification. There is no limit to how many certifications you can receive or use to reduce your taxes.

Weird Job Titles: The Year in Review (Read @ Indeed)
Weird and wonderful job titles have been making headlines for some time now. The tech world in particular provides a rich source of exotic monikers applied to jobs that might otherwise sound a bit less thrilling. Few companies may have a Security Princess like Google, or a “Galactic Viceroy of Research Excellence” as Microsoft once did, but it’s not unheard of to spot jedis, ninjas, gurus, mavens, overlords, dynamos, vigilantes and superheroes popping up in the job listings.

How to Hire Like a Best Place to Work – to Become a Best Place to Work (Read @ Glassdoor)
The 2018 winners of our Employees’ Choice Award for Best Places to Work understand the importance of cultivating and maintaining a great company culture. These 100 large and 100 small-to-medium businesses all share similar values when it comes to prioritizing their people, embracing transparency and building a mission to believe in.


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