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iRecruit Year-End Recommended Tasks

At the end of the year it pays to tidy up your applicant and requisition data to get ready for the new year. Having worked with thousands of, administrators, recruiters and hiring managers for years, we have put together a simple list of suggested to-dos to get you ready for 2018!

ATS Data Clean Up Tasks

  1. Search for any candidates that have not been reviewed, and move to a Not Selected Status.
  2. Email candidates with a Not Selected email.
  3. Review any users who no longer need access, and update your list of active users and contacts.
  4. Remove any expired job listings from your career site.
  5. Create any reports you need to save.

Plan Ahead for 2018

Early January is when a lot of potential candidates decide to look for a new job, perhaps as part of a New Year’s Resolution.

  1. Schedule jobs to post early in January for maximum exposure, especially if you have planned time off.
  2. Schedule your social media advertising for jobs.
  3. Schedule an email blast to let applicants know you are looking for new hires.
  4. Schedule any training you need for iRecruit in 2018.
  5. Add any important dates for 2018 to your iRecruit calendar.

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