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4 Ways to Get Hiring Managers Engaged in iRecruit

A typical iRecruit, Applicant Tracking Software, customer account can include Administrators, Recruiters and Hiring Managers. These are three different roles are available within the account. The Hiring Manager role is the most restricted, limiting hiring managers to see ONLY applicants and candidates who submit applications for their assigned positions. For example a Hiring Manager in New York, would not see another manager from North Carolina’s applicants. Unless, of course, they were both assigned to the same job opening.

Hiring Managers with No iRecruit Account

Hiring Managers do not always need full access in order to utilize some of iRecruit’s great features. Here are three things you can do as a Hiring Manager without ever having logged into an iRecruit account:

1. With a job request. Hiring Managers can create a job request. HR would receive an email to alert them that there is a new request. HR can then add any additional information essential to the job, and post it immediately, or send it through an approval process. Approvals are also handled through email. Since Job Requests are made through a secure link Hiring Managers can do this with or without an iRecruit account.

2. Through automatic email notifications. When a job is posted, all applicants can be automatically routed to the Hiring Manager via email as soon as the application is submitted. The Hiring Manager will be able to view the application, and resume, and or cover letter, or any other requested documents that were attached. Hiring Managers can receive an automatic email notification with or without having an iRecruit account.

3. With Smart Response. The Smart Response in iRecruit allows Hiring Managers to efficiently “accept” or “reject” candidates through a secure link sent via email, In addition, Hiring Managers have the ability to provide feedback on each candidate by adding comments. Any comments, or changes in status or disposition are added to the applicant profile page as part of the applicant history. Hiring Managers can use this feature with or without an iRecruit account.

Hiring Managers with an iRecruit Account

4. Empower Hiring Managers to manage their own candidates. If they do have a login, they can see all of the applicants in one place, sort and manage them, assign status changes, view and compare applicants using a Comparative Analysis report. They can use iRecruit’s communication features to schedule interviews or send emails to candidates. They can send onboarding, new hire documents or offer letters.

From a Recruiter or Administrative perspective, you can track all the hiring manager’s activity to stay on schedule with your hiring.

For more information, or a walk through on the features of iRecruit, please contact us here or call 800-517-9099.

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