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Top iRecruit Blog Posts of 2017

Last year we upped our blog game, and hopefully improved our website to provide useful content. We added an “Ask an ATS” feature, where you can ask a question, any question about using an applicant tracking software solution, and we welcome your questions. You can submit a question here, and we will do our best to answer it for you.

A look back at some of our most popular blog posts over 2017.

  1. Best Practices for Engaging Hiring Managers with iRecruit
  2. Improve and Update your Candidate Correspondence
  3. ATS Questions: Should I ask for references on employment application?
  4. Avoiding Becoming a Resume “Black Hole” 5 Key Touch Points in Candidate Communications
  5. ATS Questions: How Long Does It Take to Implement a New ATS?
  6. iRecruit Offers Background Screening Through Verified First
  7. 5 Benefits of Electronic Onboarding and iRecruit Electronic Onboarding 10 Tips & Best Practices
  8. Employment Tax Credits Available for Hiring Seasonal Workers
  9. Best Times To Post Jobs to Social Media
  10. ATS Questions: How Does iRecruit Integrate with WOTC?

About iRecruit

iRecruit is a web-based recruiting, applicant tracking and electronic onboarding software provider – now with fast integrated background checks provided by Verified First. To learn more about iRecruit, please join one of our webinars or call 800-517-9099 to speak to an expert.

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