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The Business Case for Purchasing an ATS

Are you currently in the market for an applicant tracking software solution (ATS)? Whether you manage your applicants and hiring process through email and Excel for tracking and reporting, or whether you have an existing applicant tracking solution that doesn’t meet your needs, iRecruit can help.

Explaining Your Reasons for Shopping

The most common reasons we hear from companies who look at iRecruit are:

  1. Current processes are too manual, and therefore, time consuming
  2. We need to implement a system to keep us organized since we want to grow.
  3. Current system too basic for your needs.
  4. Need a product that includes onboarding features.
  5. High turnover and need to constantly recruit.
  6. Want hiring managers to be more involved and take ownership of candidates.
  7. Need an easier why to track their applicants and their communication.
  8. Need to have all applicant information in a centralized location and to become more electronic and have all users on the same page.
  9. Would like to streamline this function of the business and be able to save time and more accurately track candidates.
  10. Current process or system is too difficult to manage.

Return on Investment and Value

An ATS is usually an upfront investment of both time and resources. The return on investment may come from time saved on manual processes like reporting, freeing your resources to work on other important tasks. Savings can also come through employment tax credits, and a reduction of money spent on job advertising.

How To Buy an ATS

You can typically reach out to vendors directly to request quotes, demos or in some cases a free trial. iRecruit put together an Applicant Tracking Software Comparison Checklist that you can download to use when you are comparing products. We recommend comparing quotes as well as functionality to see what meets your needs.

How iRecruit Can Help

iRecruit provides three different options for getting started with an applicant tracking solution. With options for ExpressProfessional and Enterprise, you can find a flexible recruiting and onboarding solution that works for your budget, and meets your needs.

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