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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday (three day weekend)! Take a look at the latest recruiting news that popped on our newsfeed this week:

WOTC Questions: Why Should I Use a Service Like Yours When I Can Do It Myself? (Read @ WOTC Blog)
CMS Says: Great question. While WOTC is something you can do yourself, there are several reasons companies use our WOTC administration services:

5 Benefits of Paperless Electronic Onboarding: #4 Reduce Data Errors
All throughout the month of May we’ll be looking at the benefits of electronic onboarding. Electronic Onboarding with iConnect allows you to take control of the mountain of new hire paperwork and manage it online in your secure iRecruit database.

Webinar Alert: Verified First, June 6th, 2pm Eastern Time
iRecruit customers can initiate the pre-employment background screening directly from the applicant profile page with VerifiedFirst, making it so quick, simple and easy to start a background screen on your new hires.

10 Must-Do’s If You Want to Recruit the Very Best Candidates (Read @ LinkedIn)
The market for the top 5-10% of talent, technical or otherwise, is one of the most intensely competitive markets in the world. And for good reason—elite performers can be truly game-changing for organizations that are lucky enough to employ them.

3 Ways to Attract New Graduates to Your Entry Level Jobs (Read @ Recruitment Marketing Blog)
CNN Money reports that the average starting salary for 2018’s crop of new college graduates is $50,390. While this rate is affected by both location and field, a quick scan of sites like Payscale, Salary.com and even Indeed seem to show a different perspective, with much lower actual starting salaries.

Do Your Job Ads Use Discriminatory Language? You May Not Realize They Do (Read @ Recruiter.com)
The written word is an incredibly powerful thing. That’s why the language of your job advertisements is so essential. One wrong word is all it takes to turn off the perfect candidate, so you really need to put time and effort into every sentence.

How to Increase Candidate Awareness, Hiring Volume, Diversity, and More! (Read @ Glassdoor)
As a hiring manager or recruiter, you’re balancing a lot of different priorities at once. While you’re trying to focus on promoting your employer brand and scaling your hiring, you also need to make sure those hires represent a wide range of diverse candidates with a low cost per hire. And while you’re at it, why not expand candidate awareness of your company and showcase your organization’s transparent culture?



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