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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at the latest recruiting news that popped on our newsfeed this week:

Roll Out The Red Carpet to New Employees with iConnect
iRecruit can help you create a great first impression of your company by using built-in communication tools. You can build a library of email templates to communicate with candidates, and your new hires. For example in your “Welcome Email” you can let the new employee know what they can expect from their first day, or week, or month on the job. Let them know who their contacts and supervisors are, and what is expected of them in the weeks and months to come.

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Hiring Ex-Offenders (Read @WOTC Blog)
In a recent online article Businesses can’t find people to hire. So why is unemployment still so high for this demographic?, NBC News reported that despite a record 6.7 million open jobs in America and the fact that nearly one-third of small businesses cannot fill open jobs, the stigma against hiring formerly incarcerated people is so severe that more than 27 percent are unemployed, according to a study out on Tuesday from the Prison Policy Initiative.

The Barriers to Recruiting and Employing Digital Talent (Read @ HBR)
Finding digital talent is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. But it’s particularly difficult for large, traditional firms, especially those which operate in consolidated, non-growth industries (think pulp and paper, steel, airlines) and which are often located away from the metropolitan areas where data scientists live.

The Darkside of a Candidate-driven Market: Ghosting, Catfishing, and No-shows (Read @ ERE)
The terms “ghosting,” “catfishing,” and “no show” are mostly used in the dating world. However, these types of behaviors have become typical in recruiting situations as well, due to the candidate-driven nature of today’s hiring market.

Over 40 and Interviewing? Have these things happened to you? (LinkedIn Pulse)
I recently volunteered to review resumes at a job fair for those who are “50+”. The first thing that disturbed me were the plethora of tables devoted to pet sitting, senior caregiving, entry-level hotel positions, porta-potty companies, and the like. I was actually surprised that someone wasn’t taking applications for “Greeter at WalMart”.

REPORT: What Are the Hardest-to-Fill Small Business Jobs in America? (Read @ Indeed)
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak may have started Apple in a garage, but they aren’t unique in launching a huge company from small beginnings. Starbucks was launched by two teachers and a writer in 1971, and Amazon and Google began in garages too. When Whole Foods was getting off the ground, their founders were so strapped for cash that they slept in their store.

How to Recruit Competitive Candidates in a Job Seeker’s Market (Read @ Glassdoor Employer Blog)
With a 4.1% overall unemployment rate – 2.1% among workers with bachelor’s degrees – employers are looking at the lowest unemployment rates since the economic boom in the 1990s. This is great news for the economy and job seekers… but for most recruiters, it’s just one more reason to lose sleep at night.

Solve Your Company’s Hiring Drought With These 3 Tips (Read @ Recruiter.com)
The latest statistics show the US unemployment rate sits at a remarkable 3.8 percent. While that’s terrific news for the economy, low unemployment rates can make it exceedingly difficult to find candidates for open positions. Simply filling a seat can become a nearly impossible task — not to mention filling it with the type of talented, loyal, ambitious, and career-minded professionals you’d ideally prefer.


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