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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at the latest recruiting news that popped on our newsfeed this week:

A Tour of the iRecruit Dashboard
iRecruit’s user dashboard is the default screen when a user (Administrator, Recruiter or Hiring Manager) logs in. This page is highly configurable. Each user can select the elements or widgets that display on their dashboard, therefore allowing them to prioritize what information they see when they log in to their accounts. You can even customize the color scheme.

WOTC Questions: Which employees are eligible?
CMS Says: There are nine target groups of employees who are eligible:

The Top 5 Factors That Make Job Seekers More Likely to Apply (Read @ ERE)
What are the big things that job seekers are looking for in their next job?

Employers’ Hiring Push Brings Workers Off the Bench (Read @ NY Times)
Despite sharpening trade tensions, a hefty rise in payrolls has provided the latest evidence that the American economy is strong enough to keep pulling benched workers back into action.

Video: How Unconscious Bias Can Impact the Hiring Process (Watch at Indeed)
When a resume for an open position lands on an employer’s desk, do the cultural, ethnic or socioeconomic implications of a candidate’s name or neighborhood factor into the decision to call them in for an interview? Maybe not consciously, but below the surface, something different might be going on.

New LinkedIn Research Reveals Employees Don’t Care About Cool Office Perks—Here’s What Really Matters (Read @ LinkedIn)
As the competition for talent has heated up over the last few years, companies have increasingly turned to outrageous perks—from helicopter rides at Dropcam to three pints of ice cream every day at Ben & Jerry’s—to attract talent and retain employees.

11 Essential Tips For Working Successfully With Freelancers (Read @ Forbes)
With as many as 53 million Americans working in an nontraditional job role like freelancing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the chance of your business working with an independent contractor is pretty high. Freelance contractors can offer your business the skills you are looking for without the overhead of having them work in-house.

How to Keep Second-Place Candidates Interested in Your Company (Read @ Glassdoor)
Every once in a lucky while, you’ll reach the end of the interview process with two candidates who would both make a great addition to your company. While you might have a hard time deciding between them, ultimately something will tip the scales in one candidate’s favor — perhaps one has more experience under their belt, or possesses hard-to-find skills. It can be tough to let that other candidate know that you’ve chosen someone else for the job — but the good news is, you don’t need to let them go entirely.


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