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Applicant Tracking Software Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve been shopping for a new applicant tracking software, you’ve probably accumulated lots of information and lots of questions. Most ATS software vendors offer very similar features, sometimes with different naming conventions. So how do you sort out the good from the bad? Your wants, your must-haves and your nice-to-haves?

You can download iRecruit’s ATS Comparison Checklist (PDF) to use as you demo products.

iRecruit has been in business since 2004, and over that time we’ve done thousands of presentations, and been asked thousands of questions from people interested in looking for a new applicant tracking software for their company. We thought it might be useful to put together a list of the 14 most frequently asked questions from potential customers, and share it here with you.

Applicant Tracking Software Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does it cost? This is absolutely the Number One question from just about everyone we have ever provided a demo or a free trial for. The cost of iRecruit is based on the number of users you have (Administrators, Recruiters, or Hiring Managers). A single user Express version is only $199 per month. There is also a one-time set up free. With iRecruit we will let you know ALL costs up-front, before you pay a cent. There are zero hidden costs, or surprises.
  2. What happens if we cancel our service? Also an extremely common – and practical question. One of the benefits of using iRecruit is that you are not locked into a long term contract, like a cell phone for example. We bill monthly, so if you decide to cancel your use of iRecruit, for any reason, all we need is 30 days written notice. You’ll remove any active jobs that are on iRecruit to prevent them from being published to Indeed or other websites, and remove the iRecruit career center link from your website.
  3. What happens to our applicant data if we cancel our service? You can take it with you! You’ll have the ability to export/download all your data, applications, resumes, cover letters, (other files), applicant notes, and all onboarding documents in their original format. You can also export data to Excel for mapping to another system if needed.
  4. How many jobs can I post? I love it when people ask me this question during a demo. They’re always surprised when I tell them there is no limit! Quite a few ATS vendors do charge per number of jobs you actually post. iRecruit only charges per user per month. There’s also no limit to how many applicants/candidates you can have on file.
  5. Is iRecruit cloud-based? Yes, completely cloud-based. What that means for you, is that there is nothing to install, no IT support required to maintain software. iRecruit is accessed through a browser such as Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safart etc. iRecruit also backs up data frequently.
  6. How are ATS software updates delivered? Updates are delivered automatically. Typically done overnight, and with advance notice via email to let you know what will change and when. Significant updates will also be previewed with training.
  7. Does iRecruit offer resume parsing? We offer resume parsing through our partner Sovren. This feature allows candidates to upload their resume to populate data into common application form fields such as Contact info including name, address, home and cell phones, email, school names, and previous employers. Additionally, from a recruiting perspective, you can preview a resume without downloading it with this feature.
  8. Can I import applicants from my current system? Yes you can. This would typically be done at time of setup and implementation. No limit to how many candidates can be imported.
  9. What is iConnect? iConnect is an add-on module for iRecruit that provides electronic onboarding. The iConnect module includes forms like I-9s, W-4s, State Tax Withholding, Direct Deposit and Emergency Contacts. Additionally, we can create an online version of almost any other type of form, even your employee handbook. All of this is managed online.
  10. What about background checks and E-Verify? iRecruit offers integration to leading background screening provider Verified First, which also connects with E-Verify.
  11. How fast can I get up and running on iRecruit? This can vary. We get accounts set up very quickly, and we work with your schedule to do that. A typical time frame from setup to going live can be 1-3 weeks, or longer if you need more time.
  12. What sort of training can I expect? Training is delivered online using Webex or GoToMeeting. Depending on how many users you have you might have one or more training sessions customized to the user. We do not charge extra for any training. Additionally, we run regular monthly training sessions on different topics.
  13. What sets iRecruit apart from the competition? iRecruit is a highly-configurable solution, which is both affordable and very easy to use. We are dedicated to customer success, and want to help you make the most of your software experience. Some of the benefits include no contract, quick deployment, and the ability to make changes as needed, automatic updates and ongoing training to ensure your continued success.
  14. If I have questions about iRecruit can I contact someone? Yes, you can contact us at 800-517-9099 or via email support(at)irecruit-software.com with any questions about our products.

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