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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at the latest recruiting news that popped on our newsfeed this week:

The Top 8 Reasons to Refocus on Employee Referrals During Low Unemployment (Read @ LinkedIn)
Employee referral programs should be producing 50 percent of all of your hires because they are the most powerful corporate recruiting tool by far. Over many years, data has revealed that scientifically designed corporate employee referral programs, compared to all other sources, literally produce both the highest quality of hire and the highest percentage of hiring volume. However, many talent leaders are surprised to learn that when the unemployment rate is extremely low, and the economy is booming, the quality of the referrals improves significantly. Below are the top reasons why the quality of referrals at your firm should be improving along with the economy.

iRecruit’s Partner Reseller Program
If you are looking to increase your bottom line, start your own business, or to offer new services through your business, become an iRecruit reseller partner!

Out of Stock This Holiday Season: Store Workers (Read @ WSJ)
The holiday shopping season is still two months away. But faced with record-low unemployment and rising wages in other industries, U.S. retailers already are scrambling to find enough workers to staff their stores.

What Do Job Candidates Want Most? Glassdoor Has the Answer and It’s Pretty Simple (Read @ ERE)
When asked “what would constitute a positive job application experience,” nearly three in five (58 percent) of job seekers and U.S. workers (aka, future job seekers) said that they wanted the company to communicate with them clearly and regularly during the application and hiring process.”

Applicant Tracking Software Frequently Asked Questions (Read @ iRecruit)
If you’ve been shopping for a new applicant tracking software, you’ve probably accumulated lots of information and lots of questions. Most ATS software vendors offer very similar features, sometimes with different naming conventions. So how do you sort out the good from the bad? Your wants, your must-haves and your nice-to-haves?

Facebook Accused of Allowing Bias Against Women in Job Ads (Read @ NY Times)
Facebook has been criticized in recent years over revelations that its technology allowed landlords to discriminate on the basis of race, and employers to discriminate on the basis of age. Now a group of job seekers is accusing Facebook of helping employers to exclude female candidates from recruiting campaigns.

WOTC Questions: As a landscaper, my business is mostly seasonal, can I get credit for the employees who are returning? (Read @ WOTC Blog)
CMS Says: Actually not in this case. In order to be eligible, the employees must be brand new hires. Re-hires from previous seasons or years will not be eligible.

To Create or Curate? Five Employer Branding Experts Reveal Their Content Best Practices (Read @ Indeed)
Employer branding is a relatively new discipline within talent attraction. The term was only coined in 1995, but since then the world has undergone a technological transformation. As a result, we are still discovering and exploring new ways to tell and share the stories that help us improve our chances of attracting talent.

Prepare to Update “Summary of Rights” in Light of Changes to the FCRA (Read @ Verified First)
Employers and Consumer Reporting Agencies should be aware that as of September 21, 2018, a major change to a commonly used Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) form will go into effect. Make sure you’re prepared to take action and comply!


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