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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at the latest recruiting news that popped on our newsfeed this week:

How Hilton, Google, and More Have Dramatically Reduced Their Time to Hire (Read @ LinkedIn)
Like every recruiter, you want to hire the best person for the job. But, you also want to hire quickly. And, balancing the two can be tough. To help you shorten your hiring process without sacrificing quality, we’ve put together a list of companies that used specific strategies to do just that. As a result, they’ve dramatically cut their time to hire—and improved their candidate experience.

Here’s What Your Turnover and Retention Rates Should Look Like (Read @ Glassdoor)
According to SHRM’s 2017 Human Capital Benchmarking report, the average overall turnover rate in 2016 was 18 percent. If you are an HR manager, you might look at that number and compare it to your company’s rate and make a simple calculation: if your number is lower, you’re doing great, but if it’s higher, you need to do some work.

Brian Kelly tells HR.com How iRecruit Is An Affordable ATS with Easy Integration and He Loves WOTC! (iRecruit Blog)
Brian Kelly, Managing Partner of CMS iRecruit, explains to Sue Morton of HR.com Live, how iRecruit’s unique applicant tracking software facilitates seamless integration AND taps into additional talent pools that give tax service credits using WOTC. In the interview Brian explains to Sue what makes iRecruit different from other ATS systems and how iRecruit provides a unique experience.

What Employers Must Know About Hiring Employees With a Criminal History (Read @ The Balance)
Hiring a convicted felon isn’t what most businesses set out to do. In fact, most companies would prefer to hire people who will be soon nominated for sainthood, which leaves candidates with a criminal record out. Employers need to keep in mind, though, that many saints have checkered pasts and so may some of your best employees. Here’s what you need to know about hiring employees with a criminal history.

Distracted Boyfriend meme is sexist, rules Swedish ad watchdog (Read @ The Guardian)
The popular Distracted Boyfriend meme, based on a photo of a man turning away from his outraged girlfriend to stare admiringly at another woman, has been ruled sexist by Sweden’s advertising ombudsman. The ombudsman said recruitment advertisements posted on Facebook by the internet services provider Bahnhof, which labelled the boyfriend “You”, the girlfriend “Your current workplace”, and the second woman “Bahnhof”, were gender-discriminatory, the Local reported.

Project Planning For Seasonal Hiring (iRecruit blog)
There’s never a better time to plan for your seasonal hiring than right now. Hiring multiple employees at once can be hectic and intimidating. So having a plan in place for each task, deadline, and who does which task is key to keep up with everything. Planning ahead will help keep you on track with essential tasks, and help you have a successful hiring season.

The Aging Workforce and What it Means for Employers (Read @ SHRM Blog)
Demographic changes in the workforce are having a profound impact on employers as the number of workers ages 55 and older continues to grow. However, Pew research states that next year (2019), Millennials will, for the first time, outnumber Baby boomers in the USA (73 million to 72 million). Baby boomers are born between the years 1946 to 1964 and Millennials are born between 1981 to 1996. The time of Boomers being the largest population in the workforce is ending.

GEN Z Is Coming to Your Office. Get Ready to Adapt (Read @ WSJ)
Sean McKeon was 11 years old when the 2008 financial crisis shot anxiety through his life in Hudson, Ohio. He remembers his father coming home stressed after the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over the bank where he worked. A teacher asked classmates if their parents cut back that Christmas. They all said yes.

WOTC Questions: I hired a veteran 2 months ago…is there any way around the 28 day rule? (Read @ WOTC Blog)
CMS Says: The 28-day rule cannot be waived, because it is in the federal law. The 28 day rule applies to all new hires.

How We Describe Male and Female Job Applicants Differently (Read @ HBR)
Words matter. And the words we use to describe men versus women differ in significant ways that can affect their careers. This starts early on. Research finds that girls who are described as “bossy” are viewed negatively in ways that boys are not. This discrepancy continues into adulthood where the description of being “ambitious” is an insult for women but not for men.


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