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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at the latest must read articles for recruiters:

Why can’t the company I’ve interviewed with send me a simple rejection letter? (Read @ Slate)
You take time off work for a job interview, spend a few hours preparing for it, maybe buy a new suit, maybe even travel from out of state, and then … crickets. You hear nothing. Maybe you contact the hiring manager or the human resources rep who scheduled the interview to inquire about an update on the job, and still … nothing.

Michelle Obama Shares 3 Ideas to Help Companies Recruit Diverse Talent (Read @ LinkedIn Talent Blog)
After eight years in the White House, former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama has lots of things she wants to say. And, quite clearly, people want to hear them. Her memoir, Becoming, was published in mid-November, sold 725,000 copies in one day, and needed just two weeks to become the best-selling book of 2018.

Can we close the gender pay gap by banning questions on salary history? (Read @ City A.M.)
With only three months to go until the next round of gender pay gap reporting, the pressure is on for many companies to find ways to show improvement on last year’s rather dismal results.

Indeed now requires recruiting companies to pay for listings (Read @ HR Dive)
Indeed will now require all recruitment-based companies and accounts in the U.S. and Canada to sponsor their job listings, the site explains in a post on the policy, which took effect Jan. 7.

Restaurants Are Scrambling for Cheap Labor in 2019 (Read/Listen@ Bloomberg)
Every autumn, retailers hire large numbers of seasonal workers to handle the rush of holiday business. Then, after the new year kicks in, many of those temps typically rejoin the ranks of low-skilled job seekers, eager for work and often willing to accept meager pay. That cycle has long been good for the restaurant industry, with food preparation workers and servers receiving mean annual wages that were half those of the U.S. average, according to May 2017 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

The 2019 Talent Acquisition Outlook (Read @ VerifiedFirst)
What is your recruitment strategy for 2019?We’re almost always looking to hire new positions, and we try to recruit very intelligently. It’s best practice to build a solid pipeline of qualified candidates. Always be on the lookout for talent that may fit- even if you don’t have that specific role available at the moment. For us, there’s a lot of crossover between roles.

The “skills gap” was a lie (Read @ VOX)
Five or six years ago, everyone from the US Chamber of Commerce to the Obama White House was talking about a “skills gap.” The theory here was that high unemployment reflected a structural shift in the labor market such that jobs were available, but workers simply didn’t have the right education or training for them. Harvard Business Review ran articles about this — including articles rebutting people who said the “skills gap” didn’t exist — and big companies like Siemens ran paid sponsor content in the Atlantic explaining how to fix the skills gap.

Candidate Quality: How Your Job Description Helps You Get Closer to the Hire (Read @ Indeed Blog)
Do you ever look at your candidate list and wonder why some people thought the position you posted was a good fit for them? You’ve read through their background and are unable to connect the dots. Well, you’re not alone.

Introduction to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (iRecruit Blog)
You may not have heard of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. “WOTC” as it is known is a tax credit for employers who hire individuals from target groups who have faced consistent barriers to employment. It can provide a tax credit of between $2,400 – $9,600 depending on the category. Based on our experience 10-15% of all new hires may qualify.



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