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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at the latest must read articles for recruiters:

IBM apologizes for using ethnic labels like ‘yellow’ and ‘mulatto’ on job application (Read @ Washington Post)
IBM apologized Tuesday after one of its recruitment Web pages gave applicants the option of using racially insensitive terms to identify themselves. The process took job seekers to a drop-down menu that included “yellow” and “mulatto” with Caucasian, black and other options.

Recruiting Lessons From the 80’s That Will Help You Improve Quality of Hire Now (Read @ LinkedIn Talent)
When I started as a recruiter in the 1980s, these things were true: If you knew the actual job needs in detail and the hiring manager personally, you only needed to present 2-3 strong candidates to make a placement.

What to Do About Job Seekers Who Aren’t Reading Job Descriptions (Read @ ERE)
Reading this article word for word will take about three to four minutes out of your day. That’s not a ton of time in the grand scheme of things — but now put yourself in your candidate’s shoes.

WOTC Questions: If I purchased a business, can I apply for WOTC for the employees that already worked for the previous owner? (Read @ CMS WOTC Blog)
CMS Says: With a new business name, new Employer Identification Number, and all new hires, yes you could potentially have all of your new hires complete the WOTC paperwork to determine eligibility.

A Boss Complained That Millennials Won’t Work For Free In A Muffin Store And Now It’s A Whole Thing (Read @ Buzzfeed)
Muffin Break’s general manager has issued an apology after attracting a huge backlash for claiming millennials are not prepared to work for free to advance their careers.

Monster’s 2019 State of the Candidate Survey (Read @ Monster)
In order to better understand the challenges and opportunities in the search for employment, we surveyed 1,000 current full-time employees, ages 18-65, in the United States.

What Can Recruiters Do About Ghosting? (Read @ SHRM)
Strio Consulting’s chief people officer, Robin Schooling, still remembers the one that got away. It happened in 2005, while she was working as a recruiter in the hospitality industry. She had hired a senior leader who was to start on a Monday morning.

How to Poach Currently-Employed Candidates (Read @ Glassdoor)
With the unemployment rate so low, the need to poach currently-employed candidates has intensified. As a result, identifying sourcing and recruiting strategies that not only appeal to potential candidates but also inspire them to hear you out is imperative.

Introduction to iRecruit, Applicant Tracking and Onboarding
If you’re in the market to make a change to your ATS, or add a new ATS in 2019, I’d like to invite you to a 20 minute executive overview of iRecruit, applicant tracking and onboarding technology at its best.

REPORT: The State of U.S. Salaries and Raises (Read @ Indeed)
Pay is a sensitive subject for employers and employees alike. But finding a happy medium between what job seekers want and what employers want to pay is vital to both talent attraction and retention.

The Go-To Interview Questions of Companies Like Warby Parker, Airbnb and More (Read @ LinkedIn)
You’ve probably been there before: a candidate’s breezing through an interview and knocking out great answers to all of your questions. But then it hits you…these answers are a little too good. They’re polished and rehearsed. You wish you could draw something out that’s a bit more reflective and spur of the moment.


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