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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday and Happy International Women’s Day! Take a look at the latest must read articles for recruiters:

How We Describe Male and Female Job Applicants Differently (Read @ HBR)
Words matter. And the words we use to describe men versus women differ in significant ways that can affect their careers. This starts early on. Research finds that girls who are described as “bossy” are viewed negatively in ways that boys are not. This discrepancy continues into adulthood where the description of being “ambitious” is an insult for women but not for men.

The key reasons why women don’t negotiate their salary (Read/Watch @ Yahoo News)
A new study reveals that while most women don’t negotiate when it comes to a new job offer — those who try to get more money were generally successful. In a study of 1,008 adult women produced for HuffPost, Yahoo, and CARE by Langer Research Associates, 64% said they did not try to negotiate their pay the last time they were hired.

Better Recruiting Through Social Media (Read @ Industry Week)
Social media has become a near-constant feature in almost every American’s life, and for that reason it must also be major component in any successful talent acquisition strategy. Today, 69% of American adults use at least one social media site, according to Pew Research.

Reskilling: The New Trend in Recruiting (Read @ Workforce)
It doesn’t matter how talented your new hires are, or what stellar technology training they’ve received. Chances are within a few years those skills will be obsolete. Technology evolves so quickly that it is no longer enough to hire for the skills needed today. To stay relevant, companies need to hire people who have the ability to constantly learn new skills that may not yet exist.

When It Comes to Recruiting, Put Company Culture First (Read @ Forbes)
Remember Enron Corporation? Back in its prime, Fortune named it “America’s Most Innovative Company” for six years in a row. With 20,000 employees and annual revenue surpassing $100 billion in 2000, Enron seemed to have everything going for it. That is, until a series of investigations in 2001 revealed that the gas and energy giant was riddled with accounting fraud — which was prompted and perpetuated by its CEO and CFO.

In Driver Recruitment, Both Old and New Media Matter (Read @ Transport Topics)
Today’s recruitment efforts to attract truck drivers, both new and experienced, have tended to lean on digital media, which can find recruits on tablets, phones or computers. But in a sea of digital information, recruitment opportunities can be lost. That concern is why some trucking companies are returning to older media approaches for recruitment.

Businesses hire high-skilled workers even if there’s no job for them. Here’s why (Read @ USA Today)
With businesses struggling to fill job vacancies amid low unemployment and fewer available workers, many are adopting a new strategy: They’re stockpiling the most talented employees in fields such as information technology, social media and engineering on fears they might not be around when an opening arises. Worker shortages have led to prolonged searches and lost revenue.

Can You Tell Me a Little About Yourself?: Hiring Biases on College Campuses (Read @ The Legal Intelligencer)
The effects of implicit bias create huge potential for age, race and gender discrimination on college campuses—not only in the faculty recruiting process, but also in the recruiting process for students on campus. According to the Kirwin Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University, implicit bias is “the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner.




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