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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday, Happy Easter and Passover! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters:

How recruiters can translate military speak and hire more veterans (Read @ HR Dive)
Employers today are looking for employees with the potential for leadership and a desire to learn and grow. Veterans check those boxes easily — but not all employers know how to attract these applicants in the first place.

The 10 highest-paying entry-level jobs in tech (Read @ CNBC)
The U.S. tech industry is currently adding new jobs at almost 400% the rate of other fields, and it pays workers about twice as much too, according to jobs site Comparably.

5 Tips to Compete for Top Talent When You Can’t Pay Top Dollar (Read @ Glassdoor)
A recent survey by Glassdoor shows that 67 percent of job seekers and workers pay attention to salary when scanning job ads, more so than any other piece of information on a position. But what about organizations that can’t compete with high compensation?

How Delta Is Working to Improve Its Candidate Experience by Designing for the Disappointed (Read @ LinkedIn)
In a 2016 interview with NPR’s Marketplace, Delta CEO Ed Bastian was asked to describe his job in five words. Without hesitation, he replied: “Taking care of our people.”

Can I Reassign an iConnect Onboarding Form/Document?
At iRecruit we get many questions submitted through our chat box on our website. We thought we would share some of the questions with you. iConnect is an add-on module for iRecruit Applicant Tracking Software that allows you to communicate with candidates and new hires. iConnect eliminates (or vastly reduces) the paper-heavy aspect of hiring.

The 5 Best Talent Acquisition Tricks to Show Candidates Your Location Is Great (Read @ SparkHire)
Think of all the reasons you love where your company is located. There’s your local cafe, where the barista has memorized your order. You have a picturesque park to take your kids to play. Every Friday, you and your co-workers gather at your favorite happy hour hangout. Your company’s town might not be perfect, but it’s home.

WOTC Questions: What is your minimum size employer to be eligible?
CMS Says: Believe it or not, there is no size restriction on the employer. You could be a small business with less than 25 employees, or a mega-employer with hundreds of thousands of workers. You just need to be a taxable employer, hiring employees who qualify under one of the WOTC target groups which include individuals on SNAP Benefits, Veterans, and more.

Take Your Pick: How to Break a Tie Between Two Top-Tier Candidates (Read @ Indeed)
Here’s a nice problem to have: You’re trying to fill a job, and you’ve interviewed two top candidates. Both appear to be a good fit, so it’s a dead heat. It’s nice knowing you’ll end up with a great hire, but how do you pick the winner?

THE 996 RECRUITING SCHEDULE! (Read @ Fistful of Talent)
If you didn’t see it, Jack Ma, the co-founder, and billionaire behind Alibaba, was out promoting his own work schedule that’s been dubbed “996”! Basically, Jack works 9 am to 9 pm, six days per week, and sees absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Report: Half of job postings target only 39 roles (Read @ HR Dive)
Demand for talent focuses sharply on only a handful of critical roles in the U.S. and U.K., an analysis of millions of job postings by Gartner TalentNeuron found. The most in-demand roles were in IT, marketing, sales, research and development, and customer service.



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