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Customer Questions: Using a Short Application form with ZipRecruiter

We recently received a question from one of our customers, who will remain anonymous. The question was about using ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter is an awesome job board with zillions of integrations and a fantastic network of candidates that can help you increase your reach when you’re posting a job. The only sticky issue for the customer, was that they wanted… Needed the applicants to fill out their long-form application. The applicants they are receiving from ZipRecruiter only do a short application in order to make it quick, mobile friendly, and attractive to candidates it really does need to be short.

How do I get applicants from ZipRecruiter to fill out my application?

So, how do they still get more information from the candidates that they are interested in? Actually, it’s pretty easy. iRecruit’s Applicant Profile Page has a tab called “Process Lead.” If you think of the applicants who do a short application, as Leads rather than applicants, kind of like how a sales pipeine works (get the lead, determine interest, and qualify), then this should work for you too.

When you click on the Process Lead tab, you can select a longer application to send to the applicant. The applicant then receives an email indicating you wold like them to complete more information. You can customize this email message as well. Applicant can then log in to iRecruit, update their short application with the one you assigned to them. Any information that is already on the application is still saved on it, and applicant just has to fill in any blank fields. From your iRecruit account you’ll be able to see all of the updated information as it comes in.

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