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How to Differentiate Multiple Jobs When You Post Several With The Exact Same Title

At iRecruit we get many questions sent in by customers every month. We thought we would share some of the questions with you on our blog. iConnect is an add-on module for iRecruit Applicant Tracking Software that allows you to communicate with candidates and new hires. iConnect eliminates (or vastly reduces) the paper-heavy aspect of hiring.

Recently a customer had a conundrum: how to get their five C.N.A. jobs onto Indeed separately. They were all posted on the same day, same location, same exact same job title. When they later checked Indeed to find their listings, they could only find the one job listed for CNA – Certified Nursing Aide (Health Services).

Indeed had consolidated their list of jobs, and at the bottom of the page there was a message about “Click here to view Hidden Jobs with similar titles”. This effectively prevents people from seeing and applying to the other positions.

Additionally when you post multiples of the same job title, it can look essentially as if you are spamming the job board. Not what you want to hear, I know. However, there are some simple ways around this challenge:

1. Post with variations of the same titles, full time, part time, shift, or hours, or wage/salary.

  1. CNA – Certified Nursing Aide (Health Services)
  2. Certified Nursing Aide (C.N.A.)
  3. CNA – Certified Nursing Aide (Full Time)
  4. CNA – Certified Nursing Aide (Part Time)
  5. CNA – Certified Nursing Aide (Night Shift)
  6. CNA – Certified Nursing Aide (Day Shift 9am-5pm)
  7. CNA – Certified Nursing Aide (Starting at $12.50)
  8. CNA – Certified Nursing Aide – Location, State
  9. Certified Nursing Aide – Must Have State CNA License
  10. CNA – Certified Nurse Aide
  11. Certified Nurse Aide – CNA
  12. CNA – Certified Nursing Aide – Full and Part Time Available
  13. Licensed CNAs Needed (type of work – nursing facility or homecare)
  14. Award Winning Nursing Home Seeks Qualified CNAs

This works with different types of jobs as well:

  1. Delivery Driver
  2. Delivery Driver Full Time
  3. Delivery Driver Part Time
  4. Full Time Delivery Driver
  5. Part Time Delivery Driver
  6. Delivery Driver (Full and Part Time Available)
  7. Local Delivery Driver
  8. Interstate Delivery Driver
  9. Nationwide Delivery Driver
  10. Delivery Driver (Starts at $15.00)
  11. Overnight Delivery Driver
  12. Same Day Delivery Driver
  13. CDL Delivery Driver
  14. Delivery Driver (Must have CDL License in State)

2. Post in a different zip code. If your town or city has different zip codes, go ahead and use different zip codes to attract candidates.

3. Look to see what has been successful for you in the past. A quick Requisition report will be able to tell you which job titles brought in the most applicants.

4. Look at what your nearby competition is doing. They’re doing it to you too.

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