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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters:

It’s Candidate Engagement Month at iRecruit. Throughout the month of July we’ll be sharing engagement tips and content ideas you can steal to share with your candidates to attract, nurture and engage them.

4 Reasons Hourly Workers Reject Jobs – and What to Do About Them (Read @ Yahoo)
As a business owner or hiring manager, you’re probably aware that bringing on talent is easier said than done. And it can be especially tricky when you’re looking to hire workers on an hourly basis. That’s why it pays to gain insight into what drives today’s candidates to reject hourly jobs. To this end, staffing platform BlueCrew did some digging, and based on its findings, here are four reasons why hourly workers might be quick to say no to an offer.

The absurd language used by job adverts (Read @ The Economist)
There is an old Army joke about a sergeant-major who asks his platoon whether any of them are interested in music. When four hands go up, the sergeant says “Right, lads. You can carry this grand piano down to the officers’ mess.” Job recruitment has become more sophisticated since that story first did the rounds.

Is Bias Undermining Your Hiring? (Read @ iRecruit Blog)
Assessing candidates is key to making great hiring decisions. HR thought leader JoAnn Corley has three questions she uses to recognize and offset bias. I have to say, I’ve interviewed a lot of people in the course of my career. As a former recruiter for a growing Chicago INC 500 recruiting firm, I found myself interviewing people in my sleep!

The Future of Industry and Work: A Conversation with Innovation Expert and Bestselling Author Alec Ross (Read @ Indeed)
In an era of nonstop innovation, speculation about the future can be exciting but also a little scary. How will new and evolving technologies impact our lives? Does automation mean robots will replace human workers? Will opportunities cluster in a few tech hubs or be spread around the U.S.? And what can companies and employees do now to prepare?

8 Recruiting Productivity Hacks to Save Time, Lower Your Stress, and Allow You to Read ‘War and Peace’ (Kidding) (Read @ LinkedIn)
You’ve got targets to hit and candidates to wow. But as your to-do list stretches endlessly before you, it may feel like you can’t possibly do both. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your time go further. Even making a few tiny tweaks to your work processes can make a massive difference, putting precious minutes and hours back into your week

How employers are preparing for a gender non-binary world (Read @ Washington Post)
Last week, one of the biggest of the Big Law firms — places that have been getting more scrutiny for lagging on diversity — announced a novel approach to measuring the gender makeup of its employees. Rather than saying it was raising its target for female employees, Baker McKenzie on Monday said it aimed to reach 40 percent women, 40 percent men and 20 percent “flexible” — which the firm said could be women, men or non-binary people — by 2025.

Job-Interview Etiquette Isn’t Just for the Applicants (Read @ WSJ)
mployers are battling to hire skilled employees in one of the tightest labor markets in 50 years. So they must be courting job seekers, wooing them with care and consideration—right? Some hiring managers apparently didn’t get the memo.

From The Warehouse To IT: Amazon Offering 100,000 Workers Tech Training (Reead @ NPR)
Amazon employees who are filling boxes in warehouses may be the industry’s next engineers. The company announced Thursday that it will spend more than $700 million to train 100,000 employees for higher-skilled jobs over the next six years.



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