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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters:

If You Could Only Measure One Recruiting Metric — What Would It Be and Why? (Read @ Indeed)
In today’s hyper-connected, data-driven world, there are many metrics available to recruiters and talent acquisition teams. While it’s great to have so many options, quality beats quantity when it comes to results — and if you’re going to measure a recruiting metric, you need to focus your efforts. But where – and more importantly, why?

Older Workers Just Want a Little Flex Time (Read @ Bloomberg)
The problem with younger workers today, I’m often told, is that they’re entitled. Today’s 20-somethings expect flexible hours, big raises and short commutes. They assume it’s fine to work from home and want to make friends (gasp) with their coworkers.

Avoid a Screening Lawsuit – Best Practices for Disclosure and Authorization Forms (iRecruit Blog)
Because background screenings are closely regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it’s important to ensure compliance. One of the most common screening mistakes employers make is not providing a legally mandated disclosure to candidate and obtaining written consent to conduct a background check. Many companies have suffered costly lawsuits for not complying with these requirements.

5 ways to boost recruiting on LinkedIn (Read @ HR Dive)
As today’s tight talent market challenges business to maintain staffing levels, talent acquisition professionals are looking for the best ways to optimize the recruitment strategies they already have. Social media remains a valued recruitment tool, and improving efforts on platforms like LinkedIn can put an employer ahead of the game.

5 Ways To Make The Office More Welcoming For People Of All Gender Identities (Read @ NPR)
A common vocabulary can be an essential ingredient to creating the kind of respect, diversity and inclusiveness that many employers say they aspire to create. Here are some steps that advocates, therapists and human resources experts say can help you be a good colleague.

More Than Experience or Education, Employers Want Candidates With Potential (Read @ Recruiter.com)
Recently, I interviewed a potential new hire for our tech department. This engineer wasn’t familiar with PHP, one of the primary languages used to build our company’s technology, but that wasn’t necessarily a concern. Our chief technology officer, Michael Henderson, and I agree that the right candidate can always learn PHP on the job. There are more important things to consider: Is he a smart, curious developer hoping to grow his skills? Will he take a creative approach to solving problems? Will he fit in with our company culture?

When a New Hire Goes AWOL (Read @ Inc.)
I recently offered a job to someone who accepted and set up a start date. When the person was due to come in for her first day, about a half hour before her shift, I got an apologetic email about a medical emergency (an ankle sprain), but she did not specify if she still wanted to work with us.

If Women Don’t Apply to Your Company, This Is Probably Why (Read @ HBR)
“I’d love to hire more women, but when I post a job, they don’t apply. They’re not interested.” It’s time for leaders to stop blaming their companies’ lack of diversity on the lack of women applicants. They need to focus on why they’re not seeing more women applicants. They need to ask, “Why is my organization not attractive to women?”

7 Signs a Company Knows How to Hire Great Employees (Read @ Glassdoor)
It’s a great time to look for work in America. Unemployment numbers hover at historic lows, so you have more options in your job search than at any time in the past fifty years. It’s the perfect opportunity to find a good match with an employer that knows how to hire great employees.

4 Industry Leaders Share Their Key Takeaways from Talent Connect 2019 (Read @ LinkedIn)
There was lots to chew on at Talent Connect 2019 — tasty tidbits from the 47 breakout sessions, nuggets of wisdom from the stellar keynote speakers, and choice morsels from the inLounge and product demonstrations. It was a lot to digest.

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