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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday, it’s the first Friday of 2020! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters:

Let’s start by taking a look back at iRecruit’s Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019.

The new year brings 21 new state minimum wages (Read @ HR Dive)
The new year will ring in minimum wage increases in 21 states, with 4 more states and the District of Columbia implementing increases later in 2020. The highest minimum wage in 2020 will be $15.00 in Washington, D.C., effective July 1, 2020.

Best of ERE: Just Because You Replied to Candidates Doesn’t Mean You Gave Them Great Experiences (Read @ ERE)
Creating a great candidate experience means creating an actual…well…experience. Translation: No ghosting! Still, even companies that do not ignore their candidates sometimes fall short with templated, robotic messages that fail to engage applicants.

So, when do we think hiring ageism now begins? (Read @ The Context of Things)
Obviously a lot of this post has to be anecdotal. Not many companies are going to come out and say “Well, we stop accepting candidates around age 33 for these roles…” because, well, broadly that’s illegal, and most companies ain’t in the game of admitting illegality. (Doing it where they think others can’t see it? Sure.) In the US, the legal age on discrimination stuff is around 40. Is it really 40, though? I don’t honestly know.

5 Skills Every Recruiter Should Learn in 2020 (Read @ LinkedIn)
It’s officially a New Year and, for many, that means it’s time for fresh starts and resolutions. That could mean anything from hitting the gym more, eating healthier, or maybe reading a title or two from that stack of books that’s been sitting on your bedside table.

The Future Is Here, and It’s Remote: Why Companies Can’t Afford Not to Go Virtual (Read @ Recruiter.com)
Good news, office workers of the world: Your office may be about to close! Yes, that really is a great thing, because it gives you more power. Wouldn't you rather skip your commute, work when you’re freshest, and get the job done in a way that best uses your skills? Your boss may soon ask you to do just that. Why? Because the virtual office trend is building.

It’s Time for American Businesses to Step to the Plate on Hiring Workers with Disabilities (Read @ SHRM)
Chances are, in your workplace today, there are empty seats you wish were filled with qualified and motivated employees. You are not alone.

These words are a sign of age bias in job postings (Read @ MarketWatch)
There are some phrases and language that signal age bias, according to a new report recently distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research. They may mention physical ability, such as lifting a specific amount of weight, or specify computer programs, like Microsoft Word, to discriminate against older workers, said Patrick Button, a professor at Tulane University and an author of the report.

Why Women Aren’t Applying to Your Job Posts (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
Does your organization struggle with achieving a relatively normal gender balance in the workplace? If you’re trying to recruit in a way that will attract women to the workforce but aren’t having the results you expected, there may be a few more things you can try to achieve a more balanced result.

First there was ‘diversity.’ Then ‘inclusion.’ Now H.R. wants everyone to feel like they ‘belong.’ (Read @ Washington Post)
Move over, “diversity.” Make room, “inclusion.” Today, the hot corporate buzzword in the diversity field is “belonging.” The word is popping up everywhere. LinkedIn, Nordstrom, HubSpot, DoorDash and other companies all now have executives with job titles such as manager of “diversity, inclusion and belonging” or vice president of “global culture, belonging, and people growth.”

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