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Customer Questions: Can I do Offer & Rejection Letters in iRecruit?

At iRecruit, Applicant Tracking and Electronic Onboarding, we frequently hear from new customers, and potential customers attending webinars or demos about what their challenges are with recruiting and hiring. This is from a recent individual who attended one of our weekly ATS software demos:

The question:

Can I do Offer & Rejection Letters in iRecruit?

Yes you can, there are two ways to do that in iRecruit and iConnect:

  1. In iRecruit ATS, you can easily create email templates for both an offer letter and a rejection notice.
    • With the offer letter you would have to update the key details – such as salary/hourly rate, hiring manager, location, start date etc. – when you are getting ready to send it to your new hire.
    • With the rejection notice, you can choose to send to multiple people at once.
  2. In iConnect, electronic onboarding, you can create two forms.
    • The form your managers uses to provide the details to the offer letter, again, start date, salary/hourly rate, location etc. and
    • the offer letter that is received by the candidate/new hire. You can also add in an accept/reject option into your offer letter.

iRecruit is extremely flexible when it comes to creating correspondence to use with candidates. There’s no limit to how many email notices you can create. Your iRecruit also has several example email templates that you can use in the help file.

About iRecruit

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