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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday – you made it through another week! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

iRecruit Announces Availability of Texting with iRecruit TXT
Farmington, CT – Cost Management Services, LLC, developer of iRecruit, an applicant tracking, recruiting and electronic onboarding software, is pleased to announce that our newest product add-on feature, Texting, is available immediately.

Did the extra $600 unemployment benefit stop people from job hunting? Yale economists say they finally have an answer (Read @ MarketWatch)
The supplemental $600 a week that unemployed Americans have been receiving as part of the $2.2 trillion CARES Act expires this month. It has been welcomed by millions of Americans who are out of work and struggling to make ends meet due to the economic shock from the coronavirus pandemic.

companies that ask people to answer mini-essays before submitting resumes (Read @ Ask a Manager)
In previous posts you have written that employers generally shouldn’t require applicants to do work (assessments, tests, what have you) at the very outset of the hiring process because that’s asking folks to dedicate time/effort when the majority of them won’t even get an interview.

Why School Openings Matter to Your Small Business (Read @ Inc.)
As schools debate whether to open in the fall, now’s the time to talk with employees about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

New Wharton Business Dean Says Lack Of Diversity Stems From A Lack Of Prioritizing (Read/Listen @ NPR)
Erika James was named as Wharton’s 15th dean in February and officially started the job earlier this month. The business world has been slow to reflect the gender and racial makeup of America today, but James says that’s not due to a lack of ability to make it happen.

Legal Column: Hiring the “Un-Hireable” (Read @ ERE)
Hopefully, we all now know that employers not only have the right but are right to fire employees for racist rants or jokes that go viral. But what happens when these people look for new work? Will employers hire individuals with a viral, racist post in their past?

Does Your Company Have a Long-Term Plan for Remote Work? (Read @ Harvard Business Review)
Mark Zuckerberg recently shared his plans for the future of remote work at Facebook. By 2030, he promised, at least half of Facebook’s 50,000 employees would be working from home. “We are going to be the most forward-leaning company on remote work at our scale,” he declared in a follow-up interview.

Don’t Get Duped: How to Tell When a Candidate Is Lying on a Resume (Read @ Recruiter.com)
It’s not uncommon for people to exaggerate on their resumes — or lie outright. While it’s not exactly breaking the law, there are still ramifications for both the potential employer and the job seeker who is lying.

Do Recruiters Still Need to Make Phone Calls? (Read @ Tim Sackett)
Recently, I was on a webinar, and in my presentation, I harped on the talent acquisition pros and leaders on the webcast on why 100% of us are not using texting as a primary first form of contact with candidates. The data is in. Texting works! It works better than email by a mile, but still, less than 50% in the room are texting candidates.

Job Openings on ZipRecruiter Rose 7.4% in July 2020 (Read @ ZipRecruiter)
The number of job openings in the U.S. on ZipRecruiter grew by a robust 7.4% in July after a disappointing 1.5% increase the prior month. High-frequency data from the ZipRecruiter employment marketplace show that demand for labor rose throughout the month and had strong momentum heading into August.

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