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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday – you made it through another week! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Join Our “Young” Team? Hello, Age Discrimination (Read @ Evil HR Lady)
Maybe it’s because I’m old (legally in the United States, as I’m over 40), but “young” doesn’t seem like a good word to use to describe your team. And yet, a Resume writing company uses it.

Is It Time We Required a License to Hire? (Read @ LinkedIn)
Should our hiring managers have to be certified before jumping into an interview and making what is often a half-million dollar (or more!) decision? In other words, should our companies require a License to Hire?

If a Candidate Isn’t a ‘Good Fit,’ You Need a Good Reason Why, Says Court (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
We all know the drill. You interview multiple employees/applicants for a position, and one just stands out. Your gut tells you he’s the right guy for the position, but on paper, he’s less qualified than the other candidates. Oh, and the others are members of a protected class. How can you avoid landing in hot water if you hire Mr. Right Guy? A Mississippi school district recently learned this lesson the hard way.

Benefits of Using iRecruit TXT: Faster time-to-fill jobs
With the open rate of text messages being 98% versus the open rate for emails at 20%, you can increase your time to fill positions easily. Use text message templates to send messages efficiently, and also use bulk messaging to reach multiple candidates.

Uncover Untapped Talent Using Inclusive Hiring Practices (Read @ Indeed)
When it comes to looking for a new job, everyone wants to be seen for what they have to offer. However, it can be challenging for qualified candidates with nontraditional backgrounds and those who have to overcome barriers to employment.

New DE&I Roles Spike After Racial Justice Protests (Read @ SHRM)
DE&I-related job openings have risen by 55 percent since June 8, after falling by 60 percent at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March, according to data from employment and recruiting site Glassdoor.

The Impact of Remote Work on Compensation (Read @ ERE)
The COVID-19 pandemic has surfaced a handful of new lessons and trends, especially as it relates to the workplace and labor market. With widespread lockdown measures, as many as half of all U.S. employees are now operating with remote-work statuses.

This is the thing employees want most from their employers (Read @ Fast Company)
For the modern workforce, relationships, environment, and structure are no less important than the work itself. Increasingly, employees are more interested in a clear alignment and understanding of a company’s culture and values than they are in benefits…

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