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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

‘I Am Worth It’: Why Thousands of Doctors in America Can’t Get a Job (Read @ NY Times)
Medical schools are producing more graduates, but residency programs haven’t kept up, leaving thousands of young doctors “chronically unmatched” and deep in debt.

Setting Competitive Salaries to Attract and Retain Talent (iRecruit blog)
Salary can be a key factor for candidates when deciding to accept your job offer, and for employees considering whether or not to stay. While salary can be dependent on a number of factors including the internal budget, the cost of living in your area, experience or seniority of the candidate, and perhaps even previous salaries.

‘Ghosting’ is on the rise — and employers share the blame, Indeed says (Read @ HR Dive)
Ghosting — the act of disappearing without warning — has become increasingly common during the hiring process since the onset of the pandemic, according to survey results from job site Indeed, and both candidates and employers are to blame.

Making the Hybrid Workplace Fair (Read @ Harvard Business Review)
The pandemic has upended much about how we work, and what comes next is neither the death of the office nor a return to the way things were. Instead, our new reality will be hybridity: working with employees who are co-located in the same physical space as well as employees working remotely.

Is It Time to Get Rid of Location-Based Pay? (Read @ Lead with Indeed)
For decades, location has been a big factor in what people earn. But thanks to COVID-19, which thrust many of us into remote work, I’ve come to believe that paying people a salary based, at least in part, on where they live should be seriously reconsidered if not phased out.

Why You Need Summer Interns Now, and 3 Tips for Hiring the Best Ones (Read @ Entrepreneur)
In 2021, there are more reasons than ever for savvy entrepreneurs and startups to tap into college and university student internships. With telecommuting, remote recruiting over Zoom and limited, if any, career fairs, internships are best way to assess and build a relationship with the powerful wave of talent coming out of our colleges and universities.

Why You Should Hire People Who Make Typos (Read @ Real Evil HR Lady)
The best people for certain jobs may not have perfect résumés. Oh, sure, they’ll have the skills you need, but you might spot a “their” that should be “there” or vice versa. Many hiring managers reject such people on the spot. Research suggests that this may be a bad idea.

What Happens When Your Employer Brand Doesn’t Match the Employee Experience? (Read @ Glassdoor)
Prospective candidates have access to more information about companies and open roles than ever before, putting pressure on an organization’s employer brand as an increasingly important tool for attracting high-quality candidates. But what happens when a company is better at building an employer brand than it is at describing the real-life employee experience?


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