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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

do employers set up secret “gotcha” tests for job candidates? (Read @ Ask a Manager)
A few years ago, I was applying to a position and I noticed a fairly obvious spelling error in the job posting. Since the job was specifically calling for someone with solid editing skills, I mentioned it in my cover letter.

How Does the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Work?
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit known as #WOTC is a federal tax credit available to employers who hire individuals from disadvantaged groups of workers. Including WOTC Screening with iRecruit can save an employer significant amounts of money.

Hiring Military Veterans: It’s Good for Business and the Right Thing to Do (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
Rather than rattling off a long list of other assets, the takeaway is that making military veterans part of the team translates into greater operational efficiency for companies. Further, it helps decrease the veteran unemployment rate, which was at 4.8% in June.

The “Great Resignation” and What to Do About It (Read @ Verified First)
Now that confidence in the economy is growing and vaccination rates have increased, many people have left their jobs. Another forty percent are considering leaving their jobs to seek opportunity elsewhere — something economists are calling “the great resignation.”

‘We all quit’: Burger King sign goes viral as staff walks out (Read @ MarketWatch)
A photo of a sign outside a Lincoln, Neb., Burger King has gone viral. The sign, which reads “we all quit” and “sorry for the inconvenience,” was put up by disgruntled staff members trying to send a message to upper management.

Disabled People Have Worked From Home for Years. Why Did It Take a Pandemic for Everyone Else to Start? (Read @ Refinery29)
In January 2020, my wife and I were contemplating ways to make space in our one-bedroom apartment for a fourth bookshelf to house our growing collection of fiction. She suggested we get rid of one of our two work desks. I shot the idea down.

How to Implement Fair Chance Hiring at Your Organization (Read @ Lead with Indeed)
As many as one in three Americans have some kind of criminal record — more specifically, between 70 and 100 million. But even a minor infraction, such as a misdemeanor, can create lifelong obstacles for someone when it comes to accessing housing, public assistance and especially employment.

With Few Workers Available, Businesses Are Giving Up on Hiring (Read @ Inc.)
Just one-third of small businesses are purposefully interviewing, recruiting, or hiring new workers this year, according to a new poll. A lack of potential employees may be to blame.

Closing the Job Mobility Gap Between Black and White Americans (Read @ HBR)
In 1966 the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. highlighted the link between economic security and racial equality. By making a crucial distinction between mere jobs — often seasonal, temporary, or cyclical — and the economic security necessary to participate in American society as equals, King drew attention to the relative inferiority of opportunities generally available to Black workers at the time.


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