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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

the new hire who showed up is not the same person we interviewed (Read @ Ask a Manager)
My husband was part of a panel that recently interviewed a number of folks for an open position on his team. They are entirely remote. They had a few candidates for a first and second round, and had one make it to a third final round before an offer. “John” accepted the offer and started last week! Except … it’s not the John my husband remembers.

12 States Hit Their Lowest Unemployment Rates of All Time (Read @ ZipRecruiter)
Yesterday’s State Employment and Unemployment report provides much-needed detail to supplement the monthly jobs report and underscores what an unusual economic recovery this has been so far.

Ageism in Recruitment (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
Companies are increasingly seeking to cultivate more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Typically, that effort is considered through the lens of race, ethnicity and gender, but age is also an important component of diversity and inclusion. Unfortunately, recruiters and recruitment processes are often impacted by implicit biases that can make them subconsciously shy away from older and younger workers alike, depending on the situation.

Home Depot’s answer to the labor shortage: Next-day job offers (Read @ CNN)
Home Depot has a plan to combat the worker shortage: Speedy job offers. The world’s largest home improvement retailer said Tuesday that job applicants “could receive an offer within one day of applying.”

Tacking the “E” in DEI: BTS Focuses on Equity (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
Two aspects of our ongoing series of profiles of Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) and others in similar roles that are particularly interesting are the career paths those leaders have taken to get to where they are today and the creative approaches they apply to their unique DEI challenges. For this installment, we spoke with BTS Chief Diversity Officer Lacee Jacobs, who came to BTS from her own independent consulting practice. She shared some great insights with us related to the E in DEI—equity.

You Must Include This Sentence in Your Job Posts (Read @ ERE)
Why would a high-performer candidate want to work for your organization? Is it money or other benefits? Is it an exciting growth opportunity? Or is it that you can solve the biggest frustration they felt at their previous employer?

It’s Time For Job Seekers To Get Paid For Interviewing (Read @ Forbes)
We are in a hot job market. Businesses—ranging from mom-and-pop shops to mammoth global companies, such as Apple and Amazon—are desperately trying to find workers. Managers are also fearful of losing their best and brightest to their competitors.

How to Make a Job Posting Stand Out (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
In today’s job-seeker market, recruiting is more competitive than ever. With more openings, and fewer applicants, it’s important to secure talent as quickly as possible. According to an Ipsos survey, there are 5.2 million fewer people working today, with 7% of workers actively looking for a new job.

Despite Labor Shortages, Workers See Few Gains in Economic Security (Read @ NY Times)
Over the past two months, Brenda Garcia, who works at a Chipotle in Queens, has struggled to land more than 20 hours per week, making it difficult to keep up with her expenses. When she confronts her manager, he vows to try to find her more work, but the problem invariably persists. In one recent week, the store scheduled her for a single 6.25-hour shift.

Better Candidate Experience with a Shorter Application in iRecruit
Applicant Tracking Software is designed to collect information from job applicants so companies can make hiring decisions. Our customers know that iRecruit is highly configurable. This is important right now because we are in a candidate market. After the ups and downs of the pandemic over the last year employers are reporting that they are struggling to fill roles. Employers are having to adjust expectations, boost salaries and benefits to get people to apply.


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