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Ten Essential Questions to Ask on your Online Employment Application

10 Essential Questions to Ask on your Online Employment Application

Online employment applications are all the same, aren’t they? If you look at enough of them, yes, they can start to look alike. They all appear to request the exact same information, Contact info, education, work history, references, licenses, and more. Depending on the job though, these applications can vary. High level positions don’t always expect candidates to spend tons of time completing them so they stay short and sweet. Hourly positions have always trended to using long-form employment applications, although we see a pivot to shorter, more mobile friendly applications these days.

At iRecruit, we put together the most commonly used questions, seen on almost all applications, and the important reasons for asking.

1. Are you legally eligible to work in the United States? (Proof of employment eligibility will be required, if hired.)
This helps to make sure you hire hiring eligible employees.

2. Are you able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation?
Can you do the job you are applying for? Do you need accommodations to support that?

3. Hours or shift available?
If your job has a specific timeframe, or shift, this is a good question to ask. Or if you are hiring part time employees, or interns, and need to know if their availability meets your needs.

4. How did you hear about us?
The most important source tracking question. In iRecruit, this question ties into reporting.

5. Are you currently employed?
This question helps determine if the candidate is available to work for you within your timeframe. If they are currently employed, they may be required to give their current employer a notice period, during which, they are unavailable to work for your company.

6. (And it’s follow up) When are you available to start?
This question helps determine a timeframe of when the candidate can begin working for you.

7. What attracts you to this position?
This question helps determine the motivation of the applicant.

8. What’s your desired salary?
This question helps you weed out candidates who are looking for an out-of-range salary. It’s also recommended that you add salary to your job listings.

9. Have you been previously employed by this company?
This question helps identify prior employees. Why ask? If the applicant was previously employed, and has a history with your organization, were they a good worker? Are they eligible to be rehired?

10. How many years’ experience do you have in this field?
This is an important question in determining qualifications specific to the job. This question can also be scored (weighted) in iRecruit to help you identify the most qualified candidates.

Bonus question:

Reason for leaving (current) job?
Another motivational question, why leave? This will help determine motivation for looking for new employment, and/or if the candidate was terminated by a prior employer.


Your iRecruit employment applications are highly configurable. You can create short applications to use with ZipRecruiter and Indeed, and use longer applications to collect more required information later.

If in doubt about any question on your application, please review with an employment lawyer. iRecruit, is not a lawyer.


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