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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday, and happy Mother’s Day Weekend! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Report: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Recruiting (Read @ Indeed)
The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t just change how workers think about jobs, it fundamentally altered how employers hire. From virtual interviews to shifting job requirements, employers are rethinking their approach. This is especially crucial in the current job market, which has left many employers struggling to attract workers. So what are they doing to adapt to this challenging landscape?

How This Recruiting Team Stays Motivated — Even During Tough Times (Read @ LinkedIn)
Consider it a small miracle: Even while recruiting has been a roller-coaster ride, Erin Scruggs, vice president of talent acquisition at LinkedIn, has kept her team of 140 motivated and engaged.

Tripled salaries, big bonuses, on-the-spot offers: Recruiters are going to extreme lengths to hire (Read @ CNBC)
The recovering pandemic economy has proven to be a job-seeker’s market, with nearly 48 million people quitting a job last year and 76 million taking a new one. Still, the labor market currently has 11 million openings, according to recent Labor Statistics data, and roughly two jobs for every person looking for one.

Onboarding Can Make or Break a New Hire’s Experience (Read @ Harvard Business Review)
Poor onboarding can leave your employees with lower confidence in their new roles, worsened levels of engagement, and an increased risk of jumping ship when they see a new, more exciting position elsewhere. On the other hand, companies that implement a formal onboarding program could see 50% greater employee retention among new recruits and 62% greater productivity within the same group.

7 Secret Ways Employers Like Apple Test Candidates to Find the Perfect Fit (Read @ Inc.)
The interview process is becoming increasingly exhaustive as the cost of a bad hire skyrockets. Gone are the days when a candidate had to merely complete a generic application and muddle through an interview or two.

6 Hiring Techniques That Provide a New Perspective on Sourcing Talent (Read @ Fast Company)
There’s always been points in time where talent supply has been scarce. Back in 1992, right after I left the French Army, I started a recruiting company in Europe because there was a huge gap in the talent market. Eventually, the markets reached a balance and we all got through.

It’s time for employers to embrace remote and hybrid work (Read @ CareerBuilder)
The pandemic has, obviously, changed the way we work — whether that is forever is anyone’s guess. High-level investment firms demanding a return to the office are famously facing pushback from Gen Z employees who have come of age professionally in a fully remote culture while certain technology firms, despite their sizable real estate investments in glam offices with all the perks, are allowing workers to choose their own adventure in terms of location and literal face time.

Despite hurry to hire, employers overlook workers with resume gaps (Read @ HR Dive)
Federal regulators spotlighted workers with gaps in their employment history, a diverse segment of workers for whom obtaining equal employment opportunity is “much harder,” according to Charlotte Burrows, chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


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