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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

The Secret to Finding Entry Level Employees (Read @ Evil HR Lady)
When we talk about labor shortages, we should be honest: there aren’t shortages in all areas. It can be challenging to find jobs in a lot of fields. But the one thing that is consistent just about anywhere is that employers are desperate for entry-level employees for service jobs. Restaurants, retail, and other jobs that don’t pay well are hard to fill.

Recruiting the Right Fit for Remote Work in the Face of the Great Resignation (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
Pandemic lockdowns changed life for most of us, and almost synonymous with the pandemic is the surge in working from home. Our living rooms and spare rooms, couches, and balconies have become the engine rooms of our economies (pets, partners, and PlayStations notwithstanding).

The Mystery of “Remote” Job Listings That Aren’t Actually Remote (Read Alison Green @ Slate)
To the extreme and understandable frustration of job seekers, it’s become quite common for candidates to see a job posting for a role that claims to be remote, apply, confirm in the first contact that they’re looking for 100 percent remote work, and go through several rounds of interviews, only to find out late in the process that the employer actually wants them to come in one or two days a week or even more.

Gen Z Is Overestimating the Average Starting Salary by $50K, Survey Finds (Read @ Yahoo)
New college grads are in for some reverse sticker shock. A recent survey by Clever Real Estate found that while the average starting salary for college graduates is $55,260, current college students expect to make $103,880 at their first job.

‘Anti-work’ jobseeker storms out of interview after being told they have to come into the office (Read @ News.com.au)
A user on Reddit’s popular “Anti-work” forum claims they stormed out of a job interview after a position was advertised as work-from-home – only to be told they actually had to come into the office. “I rock up to interview, and they say that the role is actually hybrid (three days a week in the office) and they only advertised it as remote to get a bigger pool of applicants,” the user wrote.

Are Candidates Falling Into Your HR “Black Hole?” (Read @ Indeed)
Here’s the scenario: You’re getting good traffic to your job posts and candidates are applying. But, even so, you’re losing top talent because it takes weeks—or longer—to move from application to interview to hire.

5 Reasons Candidates Reject Good Job Offers (They’re Not What You Think) (Read @ Inc.)
In an increasingly fierce employee’s market, businesses and recruiters are not only dealing with the difficulty of getting qualified applicants in the door, but also getting candidates into seats of open positions. Because no matter how much time you spend finding that needle in the haystack, many candidates are rejecting job offers.

Why Boomerang Employees Will Become More Common (Read @ LinkedIn)
Although millions of people continue to leave the workforce each month, things may not be exactly as they seem. In fact, many workers are reentering the workforce, often not long after their departure. Some are even returning to their former employers in a career move that might seem surprising at first glance.


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