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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads


Happy Friday, Happy Canada Day, and Happy Independence Day Weekend! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

The Impact of Abortion Bans on Recruiting (Read @ ERE)
Will the fall of Roe v Wade hinder companies’ ability to recruit talent? Of course, it’s difficult to predict whether such fears will come to bear, but there is nonetheless reason to believe that access — or lack thereof — to safe abortions will affect hiring.

Robots Are Racist and Sexist: A.I. Isn’t Ready for Recruiting (Read @ Inc.)
The big problem with recruiting and hiring is that it’s done by humans, and humans make mistakes and are subject to biases. So, the best solution is to create programs that evaluate candidates and choose the best person. Problem solved! But, the latest research in artificial intelligence shows us that even robots have bias problems.

‘She/They’ and Other Pronouns You Might See on Candidate Profiles (Read @ LinkedIn)
You might have noticed that some LinkedIn members now have their pronouns listed beside their name when you visit their profile. That’s because LinkedIn has been rolling out, in select countries, the option for members to add their pronouns to their profile to best express their authentic selves.

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EEOC Adds X Gender Marker to Voluntary Questions During Charge Intake Process (Read @ EEOC Website)
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced today full implementation of the opportunity to select a nonbinary “X” gender marker during the intake process for filing a charge of discrimination.

A Look at a Deserving and Underexplored Talent Pool (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
You’ve done it. You’ve found the ideal candidate for that position you’ve been trying to fill for weeks. In training and experience, the person is perfect. The interview was stellar. The employee has not only the skills you’ve been searching for but also that welcoming personality that you know instinctively will mesh beautifully with the rest of the team. Your gut tells you this person is going to be a wonderful asset to the organization.

Three ways that inflation is changing job search (Read @ ZipRecruiter)
As skyrocketing prices erode consumers’ purchasing power, Americans are searching for new jobs with inflation in mind. Here are three ways that job seekers in the market right now are altering their job search plans to escape higher prices:

Overcoming candidate “ghosting”: How to keep candidates engaged, moving forward … and showing up (Read @ Lead with Indeed)
From cutting off communication early in the vetting process to skipping interviews without warning to failing to show up on day one, candidate ghosting has become increasingly problematic, with 76% of employers saying they’ve been ghosted in the past year.

Title inflation is on the rise, one recruiter says. Here’s how to prevent it. (Read @ HR Dive)
The current high rate of consumer inflation may be an issue on most people’s minds right now, but another form of inflation — title inflation — is also making itself felt in the workplace, Shawn Cole, president and co-founder of national executive search firm Cowen Partners, told HR Dive.


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