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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads Veteran’s Day Edition

Happy Friday, and Happy Veteran’s Day to all who served! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:


Any ideas of where to post openings to attract veterans? (CMS WOTC Blog)
WOTC Questions: I am a recruiter for a national retailer and want to start a veteran hiring campaign. Any ideas of where to post openings to attract veterans? According to Monster.com 90% of veterans say finding a veteran-friendly company is critical in their job search.

How recruiting military veterans can connect employers with a diverse and high-quality talent pool ready to take on challenging jobs in a tight labor market.

Former military members make great team members, with honed interpersonal and collaborative skills, as well as easily transferable technical skills. These employees are dedicated, loyal, and value teamwork.

Commit to hiring qualified veterans. It’s the smart choice. (Read @ DOL)
A quick internet search shows articles from many recognized business leaders who endorse hiring veterans as a good business practice. Why? Veterans bring the following attributes and characteristics to the workplace.

How private employers can recruit and retain veterans (Read/Listen @ HR Dive)
Veterans Day originally began as a day of remembrance to mark the end of World War I. In 1938, it became a national holiday. And in 1954, that holiday officially became known as Veterans Day, to recognize and honor America’s veterans.

WOTC Wednesday: Do Employers Benefit From Hiring Veterans? (CMS WOTC Blog)
CMS’s Brian Kelly answers your questions about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

4 reasons veterans make excellent startup hires (and prove hard skills aren’t everything) (Read @ Fast Company)
By all accounts, when Mike LeBlanc came out of the military he was more than qualified to take on any number of professional roles. After serving 13 years in the Marine Corps as an infantry officer and intelligence officer, he was looking to enter the corporate world. But more than 50 applications later, he still hadn’t landed a job.

Recruiting struggles during COVID? Not at companies hiring veterans (Read @ Military Times)
Two years of the coronavirus pandemic led to staff shortages and hiring complications nationwide. But companies in the Military Times’ “Best for Vets: Employers” rankings for 2022 may have had an advantage.

It’s a common scenario – you’re sorting through job applicants to narrow down to the best candidates for an open role. In front of you is a resume reflecting a highly educated individual with a wide range of applicable skills, but there are some serious gaps in their employment timeline. Is this candidate worth pursuing?


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