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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Templates to use with Text Messaging in iRecruit
iRecruit TXT is available to all iRecruit customers who would like to incorporate texting into their arsenal of recruiting tools. iRecruit TXT allows users to initiate conversations with applicants directly from the applicant’s profile page. iRecruit users can have a faster time to fill by using texting.

Indeed’s Price Changes Leave Small Businesses Feeling Burned (Read @ Wall Street Journal)
The largest job-search site has run afoul of the small-business community. Indeed.com began changing how it charged employers for connecting them with job seekers, pitching the shift as better for small businesses because they could choose which applications to review and pay only for the ones they liked. Instead it created confusion and unexpected costs for many business owners, and now the company is trying to minimize the fallout.

‘I have an escape door’: Younger workers need more than a good salary to stay at a job as experts claim stress is costing the US economy $300 billion — what can employers do to retain talent? (Read @ Yahoo)
iobhan Neela-Stock learned a painful lesson about the need for mental health support in the workplace when she found herself in an acute breakdown one morning in August of 2021. By the time she decided to take a six-week mental health leave from her media job, she was finding it difficult to sleep or even string a sentence together.

Employer’s Guide to Background Screening Costs (Read @ Verified First)
By now, you should know the countless benefits of running pre-employment background checks. From hiring better quality candidates to protecting your organization and remaining compliant, the question is no longer whether to background screen or not but how to do it. A background screening provider can help do it all while saving you time, resources, and money in the long run.

What demand for four-day workweeks tells us about PTO (Read @ TLNT)
Rapidly shifting employee expectations, a stubbornly strong labor market, and high turnover rates have all put HR professionals in a difficult and uncertain position. This is why many companies are experimenting with new benefits and forms of employee engagement that that hope will build healthier workforces and put them in a stronger position to compete.

Generative AI and the Future of Recruitment (Read @ ERE)
While modern AI natural language processing (NLP) models may not be able to interpret Chewbacca’s Wookiee language from Star Wars (yes, unfortunately confirmed after testing), they are capable of understanding multiple human languages.

New Data: What Recruiters Get Wrong About What Candidates Want (Read @ LinkedIn)
The startling rise of generative AI (GAI) will do more than just save recruiters’ time. As noted in the sixth prediction of LinkedIn’s new 2023 Future of Recruiting report, hiring leader Glen Cathey believes it will lead recruiters to focus on the most human parts of their jobs — like listening to candidates, understanding what they want, and practicing empathy.

Job Openings Continue to Slide (Read @ SHRM)
Job openings fell by 384,000 in March to 9.6 million, but still outnumber available workers as the labor market remains tight, according to the monthly JOLTS report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The report shows the long-anticipated slowdown in the demand for workers as employers become more cautious about a potential recession. Openings have come down from the record 12 million in March 2022 but remain above the pre-pandemic level of about 7 million.


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