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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Gen Z intern shocks recruiter with list of demands including working no more than 5 hours, a start-up culture and an above average salary (Read @ Yahoo)
Everyone has a list of wishes for their next job—perhaps it’s a generous pay packet, a more senior title or unlimited vacation days. For Gen Z, it’s apparently working for less than five hours a day.

The ABCs of DEI in Recruiting (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
An acronym on the hearts, minds, and lips of most corporate hiring leaders today—and on their to-do lists—is DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) and how to incorporate it into their recruitment practices.

Walkthrough of iRecruit TXT 
iRecruit TXT enables users to initiate private  conversations with candidates directly from the applicant profile page.

How to Recruit Passive Candidates and Unveil Hidden Talent (Read @ LinkedIn)
Two-thirds of HR leaders globally say the labor shortage is getting worse. Talent acquisition teams are struggling to get enough qualified candidates in the pipeline to reach their hiring goals.

Research: Why Employees Accept Lower Pay at Mission-Oriented Companies (Read @ Harvard Business Review)
In an amusing episode of the HBO sitcom Silicon Valley, one awkward startup founder after the other pitches their company by proclaiming that it “makes the world a better place.” The satirical comedy highlights how common it has become for companies to tout how their work benefits human welfare.

Canada wants US skilled workers – and they are interested (Read @ BBC)
When Leon Yang was 16, he moved by himself from Xi’An, China to the US, to study in a country where he believed that, if he worked hard every day, he could get where he wanted.

Some Applicants with Criminal History and Credentials Hired over Other Applicants (Read @ SHRM)
The results of a new study from the University of South Florida may provide a different perspective on hiring applicants with a criminal record.

A Four-Day Workweek Experiment Finds Work Does Get Done in Less Time (Read @ Wall Street Journal)
Findings from one of the largest experiments with a four-day workweek offers new ballast for people hoping to adopt the same schedule: The longer people worked in new, more efficient ways, the shorter their workweeks became.


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