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Texting Candidates with iRecruit Applicant Tracking Software

iRecruit TXT is available now to all customers who would like to integrate texting into their recruiting tools. iRecruit TXT enables users to create private conversations with candidates directly from the applicant profile page. iRecruit users can have a faster time to fill by using texting. The average open rate of text messages is 98% versus the open rate for emails at 20-30%. Using iRecruit TXT can help you increase your time to fill and time to find easily.

Walkthrough of Using iRecruit TXT

Keep in touch with candidates who prefer texting over email or phone calls with iRecruit TXT. Simply request permission to send texts during their application. So whether the candidate is unable take your phone call, or prefers texting over email or phone, you can reach them quickly. Candidates are also more likely to be able to discretely reply to texts quickly.

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    About iRecruit

    irecruit-duck-miniiRecruit is a cloud-based recruiting and applicant tracking and remote onboarding software designed to provide any size of business a cost effective, affordable and truly simple way to manage the recruiting and onboarding process online. With options for ExpressProfessional and Enterprise, you can find a flexible recruiting solution that meets your needs.


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