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iRecruit Average Applications January 2018

iRecruit’s customers have received an average of 216 employment applications in the month of January 2018. Of course this number actually varies based on the number of jobs posted. About iRecruit No matter how many applications you receive each month, managing and responding to candidates can be a burden on just about any sized HR department. Read more about iRecruit Average Applications January 2018[…]

Asking for Salary History on Employment Applications

Legislation has been popping up everywhere restricting use of certain questions on your employment application. The Ban The Box question for criminal history, and even more recently, banning salary history in the work experience section which first popped up in Massachusetts. Earlier this month New York City became the latest to pass legislation barring employers Read more about Asking for Salary History on Employment Applications[…]

Ban the Box Campaign Overview

By Julia Nattila In recent years states have seen an increase in legislation that encourages employers to remove certain questions from their application process. The most common is the “Ban the Box” campaign, most recently enacted in Los Angeles. What is “Ban the Box”? The “Ban the Box” campaign requests that employers to remove the box Read more about Ban the Box Campaign Overview[…]

State of Massachusetts Bans Questions on Previous Pay

In an effort to close the wage gap between men and women, the State of Massachusetts today became the first state to ban employers from asking an applicant about their previous salaries. “The new law will require employers to offer a compensation figure upfront — based on what the applicant’s worth is to the company, Read more about State of Massachusetts Bans Questions on Previous Pay[…]

Spring Clean Your Employment Applications

Spring is in full swing, new graduates are getting ready to enter the workforce, and interns are looking for their summer jobs or internships. This is the perfect time to review your online employment application before the rush, and give it a much-needed update. Here are four quick ways to Spring Clean your employment application: Read more about Spring Clean Your Employment Applications[…]