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Recruiting Roundup: This Week’s Top Recruiting Stories from Around The Web

Recruiting Roundup: From what you can learn about posting jobs on Indeed.com, what hiring managers don’t understand about recruiting, and the role of social media in recruitment, this week’s top recruiting stories from around the web.

3 Tips for Posting Jobs on Indeed.com
With a click of a button you can automatically share your iRecruit job listings with Indeed.com, the #1 Global Jobs Site. Here are three tips to attract applicants and increase posting visibility:

Understanding and Recruiting Advanced Technology Specialists
Understanding how new technology is essential to individuals and the ways it affects the office are key to hiring positions that didn’t even exist at the turn of the millennium.

The Role of Social Media in Recruitment
It’s been said for some time now that a key component of any job hunt is getting the social media side of things done well. This includes making sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, writing a blog and generally getting your name out there online.

6 Things Hiring Managers Don’t Get About Recruiting
Having worked in executive search for more than 10 years, I have had great success in finding candidates but have encountered many obstacles in trying to place those candidates because often many hiring managers mismanage the hiring process. Below are five issues hiring managers must consider when trying to fill their open positions with superstar candidates.

Goodbye, Resume? Not so Fast, Experts Say
The Internet — along with the advent of social-media tools like LinkedIn — have markedly changed the recruitment landscape. But the resume remains prominent for the vast majority of HR professionals and recruiters, experts say.

Your Job Ads Suck
Imagine you’re a candidate. You’re doing the job seeking that we, as recruiters, think we understand so well. Candidate you types search terms into Google, Indeed, Monster or Bing (just kidding, no one uses Bing) and off you go… to sort through job ads like the one below. I challenge you to read it, but most of you probably won’t. Why? Because it’s boring and it stinks and I will …

HR’s Primary Role in Recruiting? It’s Really All About Retention
HR doesn’t get as much credit for recruiting as they should. But it’s not for the reason you might think. An organization that seemingly recruits well probably has an HR department to thank for helping to keep and attract employees.

5 Ways to Find Candidates Who Fit Your Culture
A common mistake of managers is hiring based solely on the candidate’s résumé and skills. This is probably why you’ve crossed paths with so many highly skilled jerks during your career.

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