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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Job Postings

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for job postings? Keywords, that make your job searchable. Think like an applicant. What are you looking for when you’re searching for a position? In job aggregators like Indeed.com, that iRecruit posts your positions to automatically, applicants will use keywords, and locations to find positions they’re interested in.

Let’s say you’re looking for Certified Nursing Assistants. Your job title is “Certified Nursing Assistant”.  So, any qualified person looking for a Certified Nursing Assistant position to apply to should be able to find the position.

We can expand on “Certified Nursing Assistant” by adding “CNA” to the job title and “C.N.A.” since those are all keywords that might be searched on for this type of position.

Using the relevant keywords in both your job title and description will optimize the listing for organic search and increase your search engine ranking, making your listings easier to find.

The first sentence of your job description should be as succinct and descriptive as possible, since it will show with the job title on the search results.

CNA Certified Nursing Assistant C.N.A. – Full Time
Company name is hiring a licensed CNA Certified Nursing Assistant in a full time role at our Farmington, CT facility. ….

Don’t forget to add your City, State and Zip code to the posting. These are also incredibly useful for having the job listing found in search results.

Google’s Keyword Tool, typically used for Advertising, is an excellent keyword tool you can use to improve the search engine optimization for your job postings.

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