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Recruiting News Round Up

This week’s top recruiting stories:

Why HR Needs to Stop Passing Over the Long-Term Unemployed
One of the very bad things about the Great Recession is that those who were not doing well already got hurt the worst, and that also seems to be the case for the economic recovery. Hiring has picked up, but not for the long-term unemployed, those out of work for more than more than 26 weeks. We’ll get a new look at the data when July jobs numbers are released Friday.

LinkedIn Reports Big Quarter; Recruitment Surpasses Monster
LinkedIn this afternoon reported another amazing quarter, handily beating Wall Street’s expectations on every metric and surpassing Monster in recruitment revenue.

So What “Can” I Ask in the Interview? Some Best Practices for Employers
Today, on the last part of our journey  we visit Employer Best Practices City.  We have already outlined illegal questions, i.e., ones employers can’t ask.  We then talked about questions employers shouldn’t ask (ill-advised questions).  So what can employers ask? How does an employer ascertain whether a candidate is a) qualified for the job and b) suited for the job and the company culture?

Three Ways to Ensure You Don’t Lose the Perfect Candidate
Often, the hunt for the perfect candidate can be long and arduous. So when the right candidate walks in, you know – and you want to snag them quickly. Chances are, if the candidate is talented and personable, with all the right skills for your industry, they’re very much in demand. How can you ensure you’re the one they choose?

Monster Takes Down ‘For Sale’ Sign, Hinting at Big New Initiatives Ahead
Efforts to sell all or part of Monster Worldwide have ended and the company is now focused on growing its business globally.

What Does a Candidate’s Social Media Profile Reveal about their Personality?
Although resumes are not dead in the water, their importance in the hiring process is diminishing as recruiters can get the same information (and much more) simply by searching a candidate’s social profile.

16 Steps to Help You Give Job Applicants Solid Feedback
Here are some action steps to consider if you have decided to provide more information and feedback to your job applicants. They are broken down into two categories and listed from the simplest to the most complex.

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