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Recruiting News Roundup

This week’s top recruiting stories:

Too Many Applicants, Too Little Time?
Some organizations are just lucky … they have a huge, Niagara-like, flow of applicants knocking at their front door. They hire teams of people to scan paper resumes. But any experienced recruiter knows resumes contain a considerable amount of fiction; bad applicants often have good resumes; and, good applicants often have bad ones. I’ve even heard of clever applicants seeding their electronic resumes with keywords printed in background font colors to hide them.

How to Hire – and Retain – Recent College Graduates
We have learned the hard way that many recent grads are not yet ready for the real world. To be honest, when I graduated, I don’t think I was either! Over the years we have had to interview a lot of recent grads to find those who are ready. We have found that there are some things you can look for – and other things you can avoid – in order to hire them successfully.

Do You Need a Résumé in the LinkedIn Era?
Now that LinkedIn has become the standard place to present your professional history and credentials — not to mention the fastest way to check somebody else’s — the humble résumé has lost its once-hallowed position as the canonical version of your professional identity. Your LinkedIn profile should be the most-viewed and most current version of your professional life. That has many people asking: Do I even need an old-fashioned résumé anymore?

The Quick Guide to Being a Great Hiring Manager
Let’s face it — most of the hiring at the average company isn’t lead by HR. Sure, HR has an important hand in the pot, but ultimately it’s the hiring manager who does the bulk of the legwork. This is why hiring managers are more important than the CEO, and is why it’s vital that you prepare your non-expert hiring team for the pivotal task they’re about to take on.

Career Fair Tips for Employers
Career fairs can be great opportunities for businesses to find prospective employees, but these venues can quickly become quite hectic without proper preparation. Lack of screening, tons of resumes, and the chaos of the day can take a super productive idea and make it a hot mess. If you want to take advantage of career fairs without acquiring a giant headache, here are some tips to keep your search focused and successful.

CareerBuilder Lists Hardest Jobs to Fill in 2013
According to a survey of hiring managers by CareerBuilder, over one-third of respondents have positions that have remained vacant for at least 12 weeks. The jobs cited as most difficult to fill between 2010 and 2013 include:

Hiring Managers, Don’t Blow the Interview! How to Effectively Screen Potential Hires
Stellar employees are the foundation of any great company, but hiring those great employees isn’t always easy. The interview is the single most important aspect of any recruiting process, and it directly relates to future success and fit between a company and the candidate.

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