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Recruiting News Roundup

This week’s top recruiting stories:

What to Say to the Candidates You Don’t Hire
So you’ve just wrapped up a week of interviewing candidates for an opening in your department, and on Friday afternoon you reconvene with the rest of the interview committee to swap notes. The good news is there’s a clear front-runner, and you’re all excited to make this person an offer.  The bad? There were a couple of other candidates you liked, but who just weren’t quite the right fit. And next week, you’ll have to both let them down gently, and field their “Can you give me any feedback on why I didn’t get the job?” requests.

The 2 Traits Managers Want In Their Next Hire
A new survey by job search engine CareerBuilder looks at what traits hiring managers value most when choosing between two equally qualified candidates. Surprisingly, the survey found an applicant’s sense of humor is most important, with 27 percent of the 2,076 hiring managers surveyed reporting it was the top factor they looked at beyond the resume. The second and third top qualities hiring managers said they seek are an applicant’s community involvement (26 percent) and how well he or she dressed (22 percent).

How to Use Psychometric Testing in Hiring
Roughly 18% of companies currently use personality tests in the hiring process, according to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management. This number is growing at a rate of 10-15% a year according to many industrial and organizational psychologists, as well as the Association for Test Publishers.

Harris Poll Finds that Indeed is Top Job Search Brand
Harris Interactive recently announced that Indeed has received the Brand of the Year Award in the Online Job Search category, ranking #1 ahead of CareerBuilder and Monster. We’re proud to be recognized among top brands such as Amazon, Target and Toyota, all leaders in their respective categories.

Do You Use Phone Interviews to Screen?
Companies that are growing quickly invest a lot of staff time in interviewing and selecting the right candidates for their jobs. Participative companies like to hold small group interviews in which four or five employees meet with each candidate in the first round interview.

Resume Mistakes That Will Make You Go ‘WHOA!’
Creativity is typically perceived to be a positive trait among job seekers – that is, until someone takes the liberty of submitting a music video in lieu of a resume. For those looking to choose this route, might we at least suggest you don’t use a wrecking ball as a prop – or lick a sledgehammer or tool of any kind.

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