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Recruiting News Roundup

This week’s top recruiting stories:

 4 Ways to Expand Your Hiring Reach
Finding qualified talent today is tough, especially if you are in a service-based business. Most prospective hires today are passive candidates, which means they are open to a job change, but aren’t actively looking for a particular position.
Even Kanye Uses Staffing Firms!
Kanye West is starting up a clothing line and apparently needs some additional staff to get the line off the ground.  How do I know? The staffing firm he is using posted the openings on LinkedIn!  Yep, the kind of personal branding is using a firm to find his next CFO and VP of Production.

Resume Red Flags for Employers
Do you know how to eliminate fraudulent candidates early in your application review process? Writing about background checking recently, my research showed that resume and credential fraud is escalating. For example, in a recent SHRM study, 64% of HR professionals did not extend a job offer to a potential employee because their background reference check showed inaccurate dates of previous employment. Falsified education credentials are increasing, too.

How Recruiters Can Tame Frustrating Hiring Managers
Ask a roomful of recruiters if hiring managers can occasionally drive them a bit batty, and hands rise faster than you say black hole. You know the drill: managers who are unresponsive, unprepared, waste time, and don’t get back to candidates. Or, those who ask illegal questions, or just cringe-worthy ones. Tell me about yourself! Or they say this: “I need to see 137 more resumes!”

Are these Really the 7 Deadly Sins of Recruiting?
The theory that recruiting great employees is highly difficult is true, but what if your firm was making the recruitment process more complex than it had to be? Almost 1 out of every 4 decisions that a small to mid-size company will make during a recruitment process will hinder their chances at staffing competitive talent.  The consequences of these actions can result in a myriad of ill-fated outcomes ranging from higher salary costs and wasted time to losing competitive applicants altogether.

Recruiters: The 3 Important Questions You’re Not Asking Candidates  
Here I am, seated at a conference table after Paul’s first interview. Everybody loves Paul. Top of his class, Yale graduate in Biomedical Science, Harvard MBA, five years at McKinsey — Paul is your classic straight-A player. Yes, he’s a great fit on paper. The recruiter and the head of the HR department love him. “This is the perfect guy for the position,”  they keep saying.

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