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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at the latest must read articles for recruiters:

The One Recruiting Metric We All Overlook
I just read an interesting article on recruiting metrics and it made me wonder all the things I should have measured in my young and impetuous sourcing/recruiting youth. As a matter of fact, if I could’ve snapped a finger and have certain metrics back in the day (and the will to leverage them), I would’ve been the most productive recruiter (or sourcer) who ever lived.

The College Bribery and Cheating Scandal is Really a Sign of HR Failure (Read @ Inc.)
You’ve heard now how CEOs and Movie stars manipulated the system, bribed people, made up sports teams, and arranged for their kids to cheat on SATs and ACTs in order to get into “good” schools. But, have we stopped to think about why it’s so important to get into the “right” schools?

When Background Screening Finds Criminal Records – Are You Making These Common Mistakes by our partner Verified First
According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), nine out of ten employers conduct background screening on candidates when hiring. It’s clear employers want to make safe hiring decisions. This is even more important because of the growing number of American workers that have a criminal history.

Women undersell themselves on resumes, report finds (Read @ HR Dive)
Women fail to promote soft skills like time-management and leadership, according to job search engine Adzuna. They also leave professional achievements off their resumes, making it more difficult for themselves to compete for high-paying jobs in particular.

3 Things to Watch for When Candidates Talk About Mistakes and Weaknesses (Read @ LinkedIn Talent Blog)
We’ve all sat across the table from candidates who weren’t able to be forthcoming with their mistakes and weaknesses. It’s never a good sign and it’s usually a deal-killer, especially when the issue is consistent and pronounced.

Employers Offer Handsome Raises to Keep Top Talent. But is it Enough? (Read @ ZipRecruiter.com)
After 10 years of lackluster growth, wages finally broke the 3% ceiling in August 2018, and have done so every month since. With workers quitting left and right to pursue better opportunities, employers have finally had to crack open their coffers and offer raises to remain competitive.

3 Ways to Retool Your Hiring Process to Attract High-Quality Job Seekers (Read @ Entrepreneur)
At the end of 2018, the number of open jobs in the U.S. reached 7.3 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s the highest number of job openings on record since the Department of Labor started measuring them in 2000. Available jobs have outpaced hiring for more than a year, indicating that companies are having a difficult time filling their vacant positions.

It’s About the Work, Not the Job Description (Read @ ERE)
It was a mid-sized technology services company in the middle of the U.S. The company had always been challenged finding and retaining good technology talent, especially not being near one of the major tech hubs. The company was growing quickly and could hardly keep up.




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