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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters:

Why Your Firm Has a Talent Shortage Explained (Bluntly) (Read @ ERE)
Most organizations that are facing a talent shortage blame a variety of external factors, even though the actual culprit is the way their firm recruits. Even without visiting your firm, I can guarantee that your recruiting process contains several of the following egregious “talent killing” flaws.

Monster: 67% of candidates did not negotiate their salaries (Read @ HR Dive)
Only 15% of candidates provided salary ranges that their employers then negotiated within, Monster said.

Why Candidate Experience Should Start with the Job Description — and Continue Well After the Hire Date (Read @ LinkedIn Talent Blog)
To set the record straight, I believe that providing an extraordinary candidate experience for serious and well-qualified candidates is essential. After all, you’re affecting these people’s lives and it’s important for them to have all the information they need to make the right career decision. But since 95% or more of the people who apply for open jobs are unqualified, it’s my opinion that it makes no sense to dilute the candidate experience for the people you actually want to hire at the cost of making everyone else feel good.

Free the Potential of the PhD Candidate and Tap into a Rich Talent Pool (Read @ Indeed)
Have you ever received a job application from a PhD graduate and weren’t sure what to do with it? These applicants are often overlooked due to common misconceptions that prevent recruiters from tapping into a rich talent pool. “What PhD candidates are looking for is that opportunity to prove themselves [and] learn some new things,” says Vay Cao, founder of Free the PhD, a company dedicated to helping postgrads find jobs outside of academia.

Will the 4-Day Workweek Take Hold in Europe? (Read @ HBR)
Work four days a week, but get paid for five? It sounds too good to be true, but this debate is front and center within numerous European economies, not only because of a culture shift toward accommodating flexible working but also because some evidence suggests it’s good for business. Many organizations in Europe are cutting workweeks, though not wages, from 36 hours (five days) to 28 hours (four days) to reduce burnout and make workers happier, more productive, and more committed to their employers.

WOTC Tax Credit Calculator – Estimate Your Potential Tax Credits (Read @ iRecruit Blog)
Your WOTC Dashboard will provide a real-time overview of how many credits you have, and how many are pending. Howecver, if you’re not a customer yet, but are interested in estimating how much value Work Opportunity Tax Credits could potentially provide to your company, you can use our WOTC Calculator below.

How Ben & Jerry’s Attracts Talent Using Cultural Experiences (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
Having a diverse and inclusive (D&I) culture is becoming even more important as the most diverse generation (Gen Z) enters the workforce. Companies that wear their D&I efforts proudly on their sleeves will stand out as employers of choice and will win over today’s top talent.

Want to Hire Millennials? Better Help Repay Student Debt (Read @ Bloomberg)
Like millions of her peers, Nicole Read graduated with thousands of dollars of debt. Unlike most of them, she’s getting direct help from her employer to pay it back.


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