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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday. Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters:

Older IT Workers Left Out Despite Tech Talent Shortage (Read @ WSJ)
The IT workforce in the U.S. skews young: Workers aged 22 to 44 account for 61% of the IT sector, but only 49% of the workforce across all occupations, according to 2019 data compiled by IT trade group CompTIA.

What is Requisition Approval Workflow in iRecruit? (iRecruit Blog)
iRecruit, Applicant Tracking and Electronic Onboarding software offers two ways that a job can be set up and posted. 1. Depending on your requirements, you may want to allow any user to be able to log in and post a job at any time. 2. Or you may prefer that each job that is posted gets approved first.

There’s Nothing Soft About Soft Skills in the Workplace (Read @ Indeed Blog)
There’s a lot of buzz about soft skills these days and a growing awareness that these personality traits, habits and behaviors are key to professional success. But what role do they actually play in

The 12 Days of Recruiting (Read @ Verified First)
The time between Thanksgiving and New Years is always slow and relaxing…unless you’re a recruiter. From hiring during the holidays to end-of-year deadlines, lots of HR teams feel like they’re in charge of making everyone happy in an impossible amount of time– a lot like Santa! To help keep your holidays delightful, here are the 12 Days of Recruiting. (We apologize in advance if this song gets stuck in your head but… ‘tis the season!)

Recruitment 2020: 5 Ways the Field Will Change Next Year (Read @ Recruiter.com)
that time of year again, when trend lists flood the internet. For recruiters and talent acquisition pros, this is a necessary ritual. So much can change in the span of a year, and keeping up with the latest developments can be a daunting task.

Are You Still Interviewing Candidates Like It’s 1975? (Read @ ERE)
I ask the question in the title of this post because in speaking with CEOs, management teams, and HR professionals around the country, I consistently hear that organizations are still hosting conventional sit-across-the-table-and-ask-outdated-questions interviews reminiscent of an old-school industrial environment.

A distinctly American phenomenon’: Our workforce is dying faster than any other wealthy country, study shows (Read @ USA Today)
The engine that powers the world’s most potent economy is dying at a worrisome pace, a “distinctly American phenomenon’’ with no easily discernible cause or simple solution.

What to Consider When Hiring New Graduates at Your Small Business (Read @ Evil HR Lady)
Hiring new graduates is a great way to get talented and enthusiastic entry-level employees on board. However, those fresh faces pose some unique challenges. Onboarding new employees properly is always important, but especially when you hire new grads

December: ’Tis the Season to Recruit When the Competition Is Low (Read @ Dr. John Sullivan)
Need an edge in your competition for talent? Think December, when there may be 35% fewer job postings trying to attract the normal volume of jobseekers. If you’ve ever gambled in Las Vegas, you would know that when you face great odds like these, you need to be all in.

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