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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

When it comes to hiring, millennials are killing it (Read @ USA Today)
If there really is a generation war raging in the workplace, millennials may have already won. Seventy-two percent of talent professionals say they plan to focus on recruiting millennials (ages 24-39) over the next five years as opposed to other age groups, according to a LinkedIn survey of 2,406 U.S. hiring managers conducted Aug. 24-Sept. 30.

Australia Post job application discourages ‘over entitled millennials’ (Read/Watch @ Nine News)
An employer has defended a job advertisement discouraging “over entitled millennials” after Seek forced her to remove the statement as it allegedly breached age discrimination requirements.

Eliminate Time-Consuming New Hire Paperwork with iConnect (iRecruit Blog)
When you’re coming from a manual or paper based recruiting and hiring setting it can seem like a huge undertaking to move from paper to electronic environment. At iRecruit, we aim to simplify that for you, and make the transition as smooth as possible. Firstly, we work with your schedule so you’ll be on time with any goal dates for deliverables.

The 5 Ps of Recruitment Marketing and How They Drive Great Hiring (Read @ ERE)
Within the recruiting function, marketing should be king, because when assessing recruiting processes, I almost always find that the foundation components that are most responsible for recruiting success all have a marketing focus. Rather than focusing on cutting costs or process-administration efficiency, recruitment leaders need to become data-driven marketing experts in order to fully understand how to attract, engage and sell top talent.

Confidence Index Report: Confidence at Work Is the Soft Skill on Everyone’s Mind (Read @ Indeed)
We’ve all seen the stats: The job market is the strongest it’s been in decades, investments are up and the economy is booming. While such good news is always welcome, Indeed wanted to know how this impacts employees on the ground. Do workers feel confident in their abilities and career paths? And why should employee confidence levels matter to employers?

What You Need to Know About Florida’s Proposed Bill: Background Checks on Delivery Drivers (Read @ Verified First)
A new bill in Florida (HB 1129) aims to require all companies using home delivery drivers to conduct background checks on their drivers. This would apply to independent contractors, third-party companies, and full-time employees. Florida Representative Mike Caruso filed the bill, the Evy Udell Public Safety Act, after Best Buy’s third-party delivery driver murdered a woman in her home when delivering her washer and dryer. This horrific event has emphasized the need for background checks– especially in an era that often uses contractors and third parties. Whether or not the bill passes, here’s what you should know about bill HB 1129 and background checks for delivery drivers.

What Job Candidates Really Want From You (Hint: It’s Not a Game Room) (Read @ Recruiter.com)
If you take a look at the career sites of today’s hippest companies, you’ll probably see a lot of photos of dogs at work, foosball machines, and employees enjoying free drinks. What you probably won’t see are the two things today’s employees actually want the most: more flexibility and better healthcare benefits. Employees’ desires are evolving away from quirky but minor perks toward more robust and meaningful benefits.

4 Trends Changing the Way You Hire and Retain Talent in 2020 (Read @ LinkedIn)
If ever a year demanded acute vision, it’s this one, 2020. This year will call for the kind of vision that allows talent professionals to see beyond the horizon, look around corners, and spot things the competition is missing. It’s a tall order, but you can do it (you already do) and we can help.

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